An old hospital on top of a hill in the woods.....

This past Saturday, I visited an old hospital situated on the top of a hill in the woods near Duluth, Minnesota with Jerry, and fellow SIM Crewmates Katie and Mike.  This wasn't just any old dilapidated hospital, it was Nopeming Sanatorium.  One of the largest of the Sanatoriums built in the State of Minnesota, and the largest left standing.   This old hospital on the hill was nothing short of amazing.

I found out about Nopeming when doing research on sanatoriums in Minnesota a few years back.  We decided that the SIM Crew would begin a multi-year project focused on investigating old health care facilities to determine whether or not they were more active than other sorts of buildings.  In my research Nopeming came up.  A huge facility, it still stood; had been abandoned since 2002, and was literally wasting away.  The current owners of the property  was a nonprofit organization looking to rehab the facility into a community center of sorts; but they needed mega dollars to do so.

I sent email inquiries, phoned the number on their website, heck we even stopped by when we went to Duluth for other things, only to find NO TRESPASSING signs and a gate.  Unfortunately we heard nothing back, apparently they weren't interested in paranormal researchers.

We have investigated a smaller tuberculosis facility in northern Minnesota, which remains one of our favorite investigations.  We road tripped down to Kentucky and investigated the famous Waverly Hills Sanatorium.  We investigated an old nursing home in Wisconsin, and by now?  We were pretty sure all old hospitals/nursing homes/health care facilities were quite active.  Still? Nopeming had my thoughts,, and I fired another round of emails, only to be disappointed at their lack of response.

When Ghost Adventures gained access and did a lockdown investigation, filming an episode there in late 2014, I was JEALOUS.  But?  They have the money, and that talks.

Every once in a while I do a search for Nopeming online, something last week told me to google, and to my surprise?  I found that Nopeming has opened up its doors to tours, investigations, and other events to raise money to renovate the property.   I found out that they were hosting night tours last Saturday night, and so the plan was actioned; the four of us hit the road do have a look at this property that has nagged me for so long.

It was a cold and windy night on the top of that hill; the temperature registered 14 degrees outside at 9:15 when we arrived; the temperatures inside the building were a balmy 37 or so.  It was a beautiful night, the stars were out, the moon shining.  I thought if I had to be admitted to a hospital where I might die?  This would be a wonderful place to be.  Beautiful, serene, wooded, and the scenery majestic.

We walked about 3/4 of a mile from the gate to the building, along the way we stopped to take a look at the aging smokestack and the crematorium.  A grizzly place where they cremated many who died of the infectious disease; the roof has fallen in and the owners of the property have been asked by the local building inspector to demolish the building soon. 

We entered the sanatorium through the back, the chapel in fact, which is really on the third floor of the building; we went on through to the floor and explored the various rooms, patient rooms, etc.  This building is in great disrepair; paint is peeling on every wall in the place, and water damage is extensive   It looks far worse than the other abandoned hospitals I had been in by far.

As we toured through we pulled out the KII meter when we were without other people in a few rooms where we felt something was happening, and yes we did have hits, there was much activity going on around us.  Were the spirits gaining energy from all the people on this nighttime tour?  Could be, but there is much happening there, invisible to most; most clear to those of us who investigate the supernatural and have intuitive abilities.  Then it happened.  We were in a room where we felt there was a spirit, and bang.  The battery on my cellphone was drained.  JUST LIKE THAT.  Yep, that was the only camera I had, as this this was not an investigation and the tour instructions were that no video, no professional camera were allowed.  So?  I was done shooting photos.

Nopeming is an amazing place.  Have no fear, I am only beginning....we will return for an investigation in the coming months, this little tour?  Was just what I needed for now; to eyeball the place that has been haunting me for years.  This one?  Will be something.....I have no doubt.



Yep, it’s that time of year, somewhere in between fall and winter; the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead remains thin.   Halloween and Samhain have passed, and I am seeing shadow figures moving around frequently, especially when I am out in the dark (morning or evening), and that tells me that those on the other side?  Remain on our side, often making themselves known as it is easier for them to do so.  

Disconcerting?  Well for those of us who are sensitive intuitives, not so much.   I do see them throughout the year, but not at the rate they are making themselves known to me currently and over the past month or two.   I  have to admit though when I do see a fleeting shadow person darting by unexpectedly? the hair on the back of my neck stands up.  I have been surprised many times the past week or two, while out walking my pups in the dark.  These figures are sooooo visible!  Astounding to be sure, but hey, they are not to be feared; they are just lost.

One of the questions I have, is do these shadow figures and ghosts gain more energy when the moon is full?  I believe so; the moon was full earlier this week, and I have seen quite a few the last few days, darting here and there, sometimes hiding behind a tree for cover after they’ve been spotted by either me or my husband Jerry, who frequently accompanies me on my evening walk with the pups. 

When you are out and about in the dark in the coming weeks, pay attention to that action at the corner of your eye, it just might be a visitor.



In late August my team SheSquatchers hit the woods in northern Minnesota for a Bigfoot expedition.  Now, I've been on a few Bigfoot expeditions with Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota, but this was the first with my new all-female team. 

I put together the SheSquatchers team earlier this year after Loren Coleman told us that thought it would be a woman/women that make first contact with Bigfoot.   So, our group of women came together to find Bigfoot; and not only are we women, we are paranormal investigators/intuitives/psychics.  So, in addition to being women?  We also have a few other tools up our sleeves!

In July we met with long-time Bigfoot researchers who make up Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot team.   They filmed in Minnesota, and were in the north woods for a few weeks.  We learned much from our conversations with them, and we are so appreciative of the time they spent with us.

Matt Moneymaker and us!

With Renae Holland
We began our expedition in daylight; we knew of a lake where a Bigfoot sighting occurred just in July, and this was where we searched.   A young man fishing the lake went to return to the shore when he spied a cinnamon colored humanoid walking the shore, that appeared to walk parallel to him.  He was afraid to come to shore, and did not until a friend of his appeared with a flashlight scaring the creature away.  The next day he went back with casting materials and found big footprints, casted them, and one of the casts is hanging on the wall in the local restaurant.

This is a remote and densely treed area, it was a beautiful place.  In Minnesota there are several areas within forested areas where there are wetlands/solid ground/lakes.  This is no different, though it is remote and forest land not private and so that said there is little human activity there.

The tiny two lane road through the remote woods late at night.....
We came to an area with a very small bridge that separated two wetlands, one of which led into the lake.  Beautiful?  Yep, wildflowers, lake grasses, honestly it is gorgeous.  We found prints on the dirt road that were certainly not human; huge with toe prints, but not deep enough to cast, it appeared as though they led to the lake.  I followed the path (grasses that had been disturbed and something had passed over) and it was only about 10 yards until the wetland started and I could go no further. 

Wetlands/lakes are Bigfoot habitat, and so this?  Was the perfect place.  We also found a couple areas that were deep in the trees about 1/4 mile or so from the lake that also held some interesting prints.  We determined that these were the places we would return after dark.

And so there we were, five women, all intuitives and paranormal investigators, in the very dark woods with no one around for miles.  Things happened out there that honestly scared me to my toes, and that rarely happens.  We heard knocks - were they from Bigfoot?  Honestly we don't know, but they are indicative of their presence.  There were a couple times that we had rocks/sticks come down near us, not just thrown, they were lobbed, thrown up and then down.  Pretty sure bears or other forest animals don't do that.  Now it is said that Bigfoot throws rocks to gain attention; well?  They had it.   I did my best Bigfoot call and immediately afterward?  There was a lot of movement in the woods near us, so much so we really thought Bigfoot would step out at any moment.  We felt we surrounded on all sides, the videos below say it all.

I did a Bigfoot call, and there was a stirring in the woods.  Honestly, my heart was beating so hard and fast in my chest I thought I would faint.  I was scared.  Of what you ask?  THE UNKNOWN.  Now, as a paranormal investigator, I am used to chasing ghosts in the dark, it does not scare me.  Why?  Not sure, maybe because I have been chasing them for a long time.  But this?  Totally different.  What was out there?  Was it Bigfoot?  Was it an another animal?  Lots of questions no answers.

We had a thermal camera, which showed absolutely NOTHING in front of us, but there was something moving in the trees, no doubt about it.  Now I personally believe that Bigfoot is not a part of the natural world.  I believe that they are from another dimension or realm, like ghosts.  Could this be why we saw nothing on the thermal camera?  Nothing showed up on our night vision cameras either.

I do believe though, it could have been a Bigfoot.  Why?  Well we did find footprints, the habitat was perfect for a Squatch, it was remote and no other humans were near, and?  The signs were there, knocks, things being thown, all classic signs indicative of Bigfoot.

Exciting and thrilling, and of course scary,we wi ll be doing this again soon you can count on this ;)  

For our all our adventures, you can find SheSquatchers on facebook at:   facebook.com/SheSquatchers

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The Maiden

Maiden Rock
One of my favorite things to do is explore and investigate old legends; stories that have been passed down throughout the years about hauntings.  When the legend of Maiden Rock came into my radar last year?  I just knew the SIM Crew would have to investigate this centuries old legend.  It takes place on Lake Pepin, which is a widening of the great Mississippi River, on a 400 foot high bluff.  The area is beautiful, the bluff is a landmark and does indeed stand out among all of the beautiful Mississippi bluffs.

The story goes something like this:

A beautiful young Native American Maiden, in some reports she is the daughter of a chief, was heartbroken.  Her parents were forcing her into arranged marriage with a man from another band who was a great warrior; but the maiden did not like him, in fact?  It is said she despised him.  In some versions, it is also told that she was in love with another man.  The sad end result though is always the same.  Rather than marry this man her parents promised her to, she flung herself off Maiden Rock, but first she sang her death song. Again, in some versions of the story, her family heard her sing, saw her on top of the bluff and ran to try and stop her from jumping, but she saw them getting closer and jumped.  I guess she felt death was preferable to spending her life with a man she did not love. This story has been told for centuries, passed along from the local tribes to the first white men in the area, and on down.

Today, stories tell of her ghost continually leaping off the cliff.  Some have said that they can hear her singing her death song to this day.   f course I don't doubt the reports of the ghost sightings, what I wonder though is could it be a residual haunting? The awful anguish she felt and the energy left behind from her jump could be just replaying all time, or could it be that the Maiden did not find peace after she leaped to her death, and is still jumping off that rock?  Sad?  Yes.  Honestly, I hope it's residual and not intelligent; because if it is her, it's a double tragedy that she has not found the beautiful afterlife.

At any rate, last fall we drove to the bluff.  We parked at the base, as the trail to the top is not passable after dark.  It was difficult to investigate; a lot of road traffic making it nearly impossible.  But we did hear a sound twice that we can't identify.  I also felt a lot of supernatural energy there.   An abundance of spirits no doubt as this historical locale has seen many deaths I'm assuming.  We did put together a video, below, documenting that initial investigation.

About six weeks ago, we went to the rock again.  This time four of us hiked the deer trail to the top, what an amazing view!  And what amazing energy there on top of Maiden's Rock.  The wind was strong, so strong our voice recorders registered that and nothing else.  When any of us walked too close to the edge the wind stirred up and blew us back away from the edge. Was it the Maiden forcing us back so that we wouldn't suffer the same fate as she?  It happened many times.   When we asked questions the wind would also pick up in intensity, almost as if they were angry we were asking. 

The very edge of Maiden Rock, it was from here that the Maiden leaped to her death.
There was a point in the investigation where I had my arms outstretched asking for someone to touch me, and indeed, I did feel something brush against my right hand.  

We were at the top, where the Maiden is said to have taken her leap.

Now of course all this is personal experience; we captured no evidence, but the supernatural energy up there was crazy and wild; abundant and remarkable.  

The Santee Sioux Nation in Nebraska whom we visited a couple weeks ago, are descendants of the Maiden.  In Santee, there is a bluff, similar to Maiden's Rock, that they named Maiden's Leap in honor of her.  The photo below is all of us at the base of that bluff.

We will return once again in the coming weeks to do an overnight investigation; after midnight when the traffic slows and it is quiet.  I hope to capture some evidence, and you can bet I will share it right here!




Santee, Nebraska is a  land of beautiful scenery, steeped in history and enchanting people.  Last weekend we made the 6+ hour journey to Santee, Nebraska and I was simply surprised.  I imagined we would see flat lands stretching into forever; what we found was a beautiful, rich green, hilly landscape dotted with trees and the Missouri River marshland area, it was indeed stunning.   There is even a bluff they call Maiden's Leap, named for Maiden's Rock in Wisconsin, their tribe having  been forced out of the Wisconsin/Minnesota area, they were relocated to this area and when they saw this bluff?  They thought it looked like Maiden's Rock.

We were invited down by the Santee Sioux community to investigate their museum and headquarters; supernatural activity has long been a part of life there.  The museum/headquarters is built on the land that used to be the site of a boarding school  way back in the late 1800’s, and a few of the children took their lives by hanging themselves on a tree that still stands.   Not to mention the deaths suffered by the Santee Sioux due to small pox; yep those old stories about soldiers giving Native Americans blankets laced with that ugly sickness are true.  This area has seen it all, we were intrigued but we had no idea what we would eventually find when we visited.

I cannot divulge any information at this point as what evidence we may have captured from our investigation  nor our experiences during the investigations, our clients will be the first to know when all data has been reviewed; what I can say is that the area is a hotbed of paranormal activity, and this encompasses much of the Santee area, not just the headquarters and museum. 

The old tree that was the scene of such tragic deaths tells quite the story; I was drawn to that tree immediately, and when I put my hand on its trunk?  I could feel sadness, such sadness I wanted to weep, but also?  That tree is a survivor and it carries much energy.  This magnificent tree has to be 200 years old, it is beautiful.  Throughout the weekend I couldn’t keep my eyes from it.  It is indeed an old spirit with lots to tell.  I borrowed this picture from Jeff - somehow I didn't take one, weird?  Yep.

On Saturday we visited with the community at an event that will be broadcast on The Calling radio show soon.  It was a fun afternoon, and the warmth of this community was inspiring; we felt as if we made a lot of new friends there.  The children were able to converse with the spirits via the flashlight; during the event when they would ask a question it frequently turned on/off in answer to their questions.  You can see this session our Facebook page, as it was also broadcast live via FB.  Oh and I might add?  They loved our SIMMIE, our newest teddy bear investigator.   The dress in the photo to the left?  Simply wonderful, I soooo wanted to try it on; I kept going over there and gazing at it, wondering what kind of maiden wore owned it, what her life was like, etc.  It is a beautiful dress.

We hiked up Crazy Peak Road, an old road the soldiers (bluecoats) would travel on their way to the western forts in the 1800’s.  As I walked that road I could imagine how it must have felt back in the day.  The people of Santee regaled us with stories of soldier ghosts seen frequently on this old trail.  At the top of the trail, we went off the road and through a field of grass up to my waist to take a look at an old homestead.   The old fallen house was built in the 1800s, I’m sure it has a tale to tell.  Unfortunately we did not have a nighttime slot to investigate, we never seem to build enough time into our road trips, but my hope is that we will  revisit this place in the future so that we too can experience this old road and perhaps see the soldier ghosts; I have no doubt they are there.

The weekend was jam packed with not only investigations but a little sightseeing as well; the oldest church in Nebraska is located in Santee, along with another old abandoned one just next door.  Of course I took photographs, the one below is me looking into a mirror with Jerry making a face behind me; the other is the SIM Crew in front of an old abandoned church on the same property.

I would like to extend my thanks to the Santee Sioux for their hospitality, their stories, their warmth, and to Duane, who was a most magnificent host.  He is in the picture below just in back of SIMMIE on the right side.  We had a fantastic time there!

Just as soon as we get the green light, I will update this blog with our findings there so stay tuned!


Bigfoot - have information?

This past Wednesday evening, my new all female sasquatch group, She Squatchers, hit the radio waves with our very first She Squatchers Report on The Calling Radio Show.  We had guests from British Columbia, who regaled us with stories about their Bigfoot encounters and evidence collection.  It was an interesting, educational and very fun visit.  They have found evidence and have enjoyed experiences both in Minnesota and in the middle of mainland British Columbia - the home of the term Sasquatch. 

We on the SIM Crew went on two Bigfoot Expeditions near the Canadian Borderlands in northern Minnesota.  We found some pretty impressive evidence, and at our Supernatural Chat about Bigfoot in International Falls?  We heard some phenomenal stories from people of all walks of life who have had a Sasquatch experience.  In Bemidji at our most recent chat, we were treated to look at and touch castings of footprints from a resident nearby; he found them on his property.  And of course at Paracon, we always hear stories of the big guy.  The sightings are truly endless.

A very large footprint we found - my feet in my big crocs are at the bottom for size comparison.
Now, with my newly created team dedicated solely to finding Sasquatch, we are planning searches for this year, and we are looking for information on sightings in Minnesota, and nearby states; thus, this blog post.  I am hoping that anyone with information on the locale of Sasquatch will message us via facebook at www.facebook.com/SheSquatchers or send us an email at SheSquatchers@gmail.com.  We will contact everyone who sends us information with further questions, etc., and site visits if possible.

Thank you in advance!


The Owls and me.....

Owls are a part of the Supernatural world, without a doubt.  I love owls, and most of all?  I LOVE the pair of beautiful Great Horned Owls who live nearby my home.  I enjoy an amazing connection these two owls who share their world with me, and have for many years.  I believe it is the crazy supernatural ability that we share that has bound us together somehow, and time and time again over the years?  They have shown me things, protected me, given me gifts of their own feathers, and yes they give me a boost when I need one.  Like tonight.

Mamma Owl, all knowing, when I see her I talk to her.  Endlessly :)

Papa Owl.   The protector.  He watches.   I talk to him too.

I have had a very trying week so far, all areas of my life seem in disarray. Things that have happened that have made me question myself, and in addition I do think there’s something happening in the supernatural world as well that is affecting me.  Today was especially trying at work, and honestly?  I broke right down and cried.  Right in front of my supervisor.  Yep, that crybaby was me, tears flowing.  Embarrassing, is what I will say.

Anyway, this evening I took my pups for their evening walk, and suddenly I heard the my friends, these special owls.   I have not heard them for some time, they tend to be quiet when the nesting season is upon us, and the moment I heard them?  I stopped in my tracks and listened to their wonderful and beautiful voices, and suddenly I felt comforted, grounded, and peaceful for the first time this week. Though they are a ways away (Mamma has babies in the nest and Dad keeps close to her) they knew I was close, and I think they were telling me that all would be well.  It was only a few minutes literally, and then they were quiet once again.  They told me what I needed to hear and were finished.  They did their job well. 

Mamma and one of her babies last spring.  Look at the love on that babes' face.  AMAZING.
I am grateful to these owls, they have the wisdom of the ages, and the encouragement and comfort I get from them?  Is priceless.  Thanks Mamma and Papa Owl for watching over me, I love you to my toes, and I do hope that someday I can return all that you give to me.


A lake creature called Pepie.

Mysterious.  Chilling.  Exciting.  All of those words describe the unknown.  I have been interested in Supernatural subjects for as long as I remember.  Growing up we heard about Nessie, the lake creature of Lock Ness.   And then last summer, I heard about a lake creature right here in Minnesota.  In fact, one who resides in the area where I often travel to and photograph the magnificent bald eagles who congregate there on the river in the wintertime. 

Listening to the radio one morning on the way to work, I heard something about Minnesota lake creatures.  They mentioned that the most famous and had most sightings was one in Lake Pepin on the Mississippi River.  I  read as much a I could and then and my daughter Kacie and I drove down to Lake City one summer day to learn about this creature.  We stopped at the gift shop in town and the owner happily regaled us with stories of Pepie. 

We bought Pepie t-shirts and the book about her written by some paranormal researchers out of Wisconsin.  We then went to Big Bear Pizzeria, where we had a delicious lunch and gazed up the photograph the wall of Pepie.  This photo was taken by the owner of the restaurant.  In fact?  It is a Pepie Spotting Station - if you see her?  You have to report in. 

Reading about Pepie with my sweet Zoey!
Needless to say, I read that book cover to cover within a couple days, and of course Pepie has become almost an obsession for me.  We returned to the giftstore in September to purchase a stuffed Pepie for our booth at Paracon where I talked to Loren Coleman at Paracon about Pepie.  Loren is one of the world’s leading crypto zoologists, and we talked about many of the worlds lake creatures.

Do I think there is more than one creature in Lake Pepin?  Well, I would assume so unless Pepie is immortal.  Could she be?  Well?  Gee, I guess I could ask also could Pepie be an inter-dimensional creature?  Could it be that she slips in and out of our dimension?  And who knows but does it make sense that she has an easier time slipping into our world when the veil between the worlds is thin?  This is when she able to come through more than at any other time.  This is why I just have to be on a boat on Lake Pepin searching for her come October when the veil is really thin.  I just know?  I want to SEE her.  It’s the dreamer in me of course….but I will search for her, you can count on that.  

Next Saturday, on 3/12 we will be in Lake City at that same Pizzeria hosting a supernatural chat.  PEPIE will be a big topic of conversation I just know, and I will learn all I can.  Come to Lake City next weekend and join us; we will be talking about  all the supernatural subjects that we investigate; Ghosts, Bigfoot, UFO’s, and Pepie.  And if you are in Lake City and you have seen Pepie?  Please come and tell us you story!

Pepie adorning our booth at Paracon!


In Between.....

Old Man Winter is being forced out of town as the days are becoming longer and warmer as our sun journeys back to us here in the northern hemisphere.  The Moon was full this week, called the Snow Moon, it was beautiful and it pulled at me.  There is lots going on in the physical world and it affects me, tremendously.  Sleep is difficult; crankiness is at a peak; along with a general feeling of malaise not to mention moodiness. 

It’s not really winter, but not quite spring, somewhere in between, and like that?  I FEEL somewhere in between.  Emotions are running high; I have been seeing otherworldly visitors in many places.  Other Sensitives / Intuitives / Empaths have been feeling it as well,  and as we move toward the equinox in just a few weeks, I expect it will only heighten.  The Spring Equinox is a powerful and magical time.  It is one of two times of the year where the light of day equals the darkness of night; but, it will only be equal for a fraction of time until the light overtakes the darkness as the sun progresses into the northern skies. 

Now is a good time for me to regain balance; time to breathe deeply and enjoy the sun on my face, revel in the warming breezes, and take lots of walks with my pups. 
This is also the right time to give thanks to God for the return of the sun, and bringing me and mine through another winter. 


A different kind of team.....

I have often written about my fascination with Bigfoot in this blog.  As a paranormal investigator, our team has searched for the elusive creature in the forests of the Canadian borderland.  Twice.  We found some pretty compelling evidence suggesting that Sasquatch?  Is Real.

Now, this amazing supernatural journey has lead me down the path seeking Bigfoot.    

Introducing.......SheSquatchers, an all-female team searching for Bigfoot; the only group of its kind in the world.  Loren Coleman, the world's renowned expert on Bigfoot and Cryptozoology, indicated to Jen and Jerry in an interview for their radio show The Calling, that he believed it would be a WOMAN not a man who would make contact with Bigfoot.  He also mentioned there was no all female group out there and thus?  We knew that we just had to create one!  SheSquatch is the name Loren coined for female Bigfoot; thus, as human females looking for Sasquatch we are SheSquatchers!  We introduced our group last week on my radio show The Gathering, and you can take a listen to that very fun show by clicking on the link below.

I formed our new team with a couple of my friends also in the paranormal field, Jen Kruse and Kim Juarez. Our team members include paranormal investigators, psychics and healers.  Those of us who are paranormal investigators are very good at investigating the supernatural, where we seek indisputable evidence.  This is what I will be looking for in our search for Sasquatch.  Our team is dedicated to finding Bigfoot and/or concrete evidence proving the big guy is genuine and a part of our world.  Our natural world?  Or does Sasquatch exist in another dimension and slips in and out of ours?  Is this the reason why there is no hard evidence of him?  We have lots of questions, and we hope to find answers and also some clues that will help us determine just what Bigfoot is.  And of course I want to look a Squatch in the eye.  Hopefully, this gaggle of girls will be just the thing to entice them to come take a look and say hi.

We are beyond excited to begin this journey into Squatching, and I will be reporting our adventures right here in my blog.  We have ALOT to learn, but we'll get there, and we will have plenty of help along the way.

Stay tuned for more on this exciting new adventure :)

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