An old nursing home...

This weekend we will investigate an old abandoned nursing home as a part of our multi-year project involving the investigation of old health care facilities to determine whether or not they are more supernaturally active than other buildings.  The nursing home was left vacant a few years ago when a new modern facility was built and opened on the outskirts of this small town.   After being abandoned for a few years this place is sad and worn, it is definitely not the bustling old folks home I remember.  As with all of the facilities, of course I am hoping someone will answer the question that I always ask in these facilities - “why do you stay in this place”.   A nursing home though is a little different than the hospitals; people live years of their lives here, and maybe they liked it.   I’m thinking that an answer will also be a little different in this type of health care facility, if we get one that is.

This particular nursing home is near to my heart; my Grandpa Frank called this place home for many years before he passed away there in 1987.   My dad hails from this community, and we spent a lot of time at the old nursing home with my grandpa while I was growing up; visiting, celebrating his birthday with cake and ice cream, coffee in the dining room, wow, there are lots of memories.  Being the only nursing home in the area, we also have cousins who lived and died there as well. 

I know this area well and while I was growing up, we spent many, many happy weekends camping out on “the land”, our acreage outside of town dissected by a river.  Both my mom and dad passed away in 2005, and my dad passed this little slice of heaven on to my brother, and so it is still in the family and of course it holds lots of good memories for us all.  We were always surrounded by family, in addition to my grandpa, my aunt and uncle lived here, and many, many cousins.  It is a peaceful place, and memories are just around every corner.

This investigation will be a little emotional – I have no doubt.  Who will we find there?  I am not certain, but it most certainly will be an exciting and perhaps an emotionally draining investigation ;)