And so it begins........

the busiest season for a paranormal investgator.

In a week and a half we will observe the fall equinox, or Mabon as the Celts called it.  It is a time of equal light and dark; a time of power and magic.  The earth is cooling, and the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead begins to thin.  Walking with my pups early this morning in the chilly 44 degree air, I noticed the beautiful Cottonwoods are already shedding their leaves; many are on the ground and many have turned brown on the branches.  The flowers in my garden have turned brown; and I am bringing in a couple flower pots every night.  It is the time to thank the earth for her bounty, a time to prepare for the coming winter.  Samhain is just around the corner, and I will honor and remember my loved ones who have gone from this world at a Samhain festival with my friends in the local Wiccan community in early November.

As a paranormal investigator this is the busiest time of year.  Spirits have an easier time catching our attention, and my calendar is full to the brim.  I am certain we will enjoy many nights talking with people who have passed out of our world and into that other realm.  We will see them out of the corner of our eyes around every corner, shadow figures and such;  it is an exciting time of year, and we are preparing in all the ways we know how.
This busy season begins with the SIM Crew in Walker and Bemidji, Minnesota next weekend.  We have two investigations and a public coffee house chat.  We much enjoy these chats as it gives us the opportunity to connect with people of all backgrounds who have had some amazing experiences with the supernatural.  We love hearing their stories of ghosts, bigfoot, and UFO's.  Amazing and intriguing it always puts a smile on our faces.

This Fall we will also be participating in Paracon in Menomen, Minnesota.  Billed as the biggest and best paranormal conference, the SIM Crew will be right there in the middle of things.  If you go?  Please stop by our booth and say hi.  This event is bound to be entertaining, and many of the TV ghost hunters will be in attendance and we will have the opportunity to meet them and share a few stories I am sure.

Enjoy this time of supernatural happenings, and do let me know what you experience!