Happy New Year!

The final hours of 2012 are upon us, and so the time has come to look back at this year's most memorable supernatural investigations I have been a part of. There have been many, and exciting as they have been they have also been at times, well, just a little harrowing. Yep, I have been scared this year on a few occasions. This? Isn’t the norm for me mainly because I have been experiencing ghosts all my life. But I believe that as I travel on this paranormal journey with my crewmates, we become even more sensitive to otherworldly beings, and not just those of us who have enjoyed this ability all our lives, but our other crewmates crew who have not; the ghosts in turn flock to us because they realize we are aware of their presence.

We began 2012 with an investigation at Stanley’s Bar, a place well known to us and one that we have deemed haunted. We held an event there in March to reveal our findings. The event was well attended, and the evidence we captured at this location is first class. Our very first investigation was in this building when it was vacant, before it became Stanley’s. The photo below is of the ghost from that very first investigation. Also below is the video of our flashlight being moved by unseen beings.

One of the saddest stories I have ever heard as a ghost hunter, is the story of a little dog who went missing on a hobby farm, just south of the Cities. This little dog froze to death in an empty in ground pool on the property, the owner felt that something paranormal was involved in the dog’s death, as the family had experienced several supernatural events and they were scared. After investigating the property, I believe that it is haunted - though we captured no evidence that night. The pool area seemed especially dark to me, many, many claw marks were clearly visible from the little dog fighting for her life, trying to get out of the pool. I was drawn to it and I do feel that something unseen had a part of the death of the little dog. A little push by a malevolent spirit? Unknown. Our investigation was inconclusive, but I know that that place? Haunted.

In September the Crew went on the road to northern Minnesota for a large investigation of an enormous historical property. This was our third investigation of this place, and we were not disappointed. Once again the evidence captured is first class. There is one place on this property that I am continually drawn to; a place that is, well, a little dark. This year we captured some evp’s there that are bone chilling. A female voice saying “don’t hurt me” as well as other evidence that will be available on our website in the near future.

In October we once again hit the road and traveled the Minnesota/Canada Borderland in search of Bigfoot. Expanding our horizon to include other paranormal phenomena, this? Was very exciting for me. We first heard stories in the spring of 2011 while on investigations in International Falls. We thought by going in early October it would be cool, but clear. Mother Nature had other ideas, and it was down right cold, windy, snowy and at times sleet fell from the sky. Nonetheless, the expedition was a success just the same. We found some foot prints that we believe are not human; Sasquatch? Maybe. We had to end our expedition early due to the inclement weather. We have planned another Sasquatch expedition for the summer of 2013, and my fingers are crossed that this time we will find more evidence, and maybe even catch a glimpse of this elusive creature.

My focus for the coming year I think will be Sasquatch, in addition to ghost hunting of course. Intriguing and exciting, this is what I am interested in investigating. I will be contacting other groups here in Minnesota dedicated to Bigfoot research in the hopes of learning about these amazing bipedal. In addition, at the Bigfoot town hall event we held in International Falls the weekend of our Bigfoot expedition, we heard stories about UFO’s as well. The experiences of the people who chatted with me were, well astounding. These folks are well educated, average people, and after spending time with them and listening to their accounts, I believe they did experience something unexplainable and out of the ordinary, without a doubt.
So 2012 for this paranormal investigator? Exciting and Amazing.

2013? Will be interesting and exciting, I have no doubt.