I pride myself for not fearing the supernatural.  Being a paranormal investigator, I am among ghosts on almost every investigation.  I have always been able to feel them, an ability I inherited from my mom and my grandma, but to be honest I have never been face to face with one until last weekend.

The SIM Crew was invited to lead two ghost hunts and present at an event called Northern Frights in northern Minnesota.  On the second night while investigating with Katie and a group of event attendees, I had to leave for a moment to bring a key to another room to Jerry and his group.  As I walked out into the dark hallway (no lights were on for the investigation) and began the walk to that room, I sensed something to my left.  I turned to look and found myself looking into the face of a ghost.  No more than two feet away, the apparition of the face of an otherworldly being appeared to be coming out of the door to one of the rooms. 

Obviously I don't have nerves of steel, and I screamed (yes I screamed) and turned to move away from this apparition.  I turned back though to see it again, but it had disappeared.  Even though I could no longer see it, I felt this spirit follow me down the hallway, and I nervously kept looking over my shoulder for it.  Now, what should I have done?  I should have stared that ghost down and asked some questions.  Instead I called Jerry on my walkie and told him the story.  A missed opportunity to be sure.  Sigh. 

Jerry and his group were anxiously awaiting my arrival.  I finally arrived at the room, key in hand, wild eyed and obviously shaken up.

"Are you OK?" They asked, concern etched on their faces.  They wanted to hear all about my experience, but I'm pretty sure they were taken aback my wild appearance.

"I'm scared.......and I am a GHOST HUNTER" I blurted out.  Now what I meant by that was that ghost hunters aren't supposed to lose it like I did and be afraid.  Now this statement will be forever in the minds of the SIM Crew.  They laughed and laughed at this, and immediately began planning t-shirts that will read:

"I'm a ghost hunter......and I got scared!"

OK.  Whatever.  So I ran and screamed like a silly school girl.  Sigh.  I was scared, no doubt, but I'm still trying to figure out if I was really scared or just startled?  Scared? Really?  I've been with and around a lot of ghosts and not been scared.  But I guess there's something about coming face to face with one that drains the blood from your face.

Later on during the investigation, Jerry and his group got the key to the room where the manifestation occurred, and as they entered they were hit with a palpable force.  They stood their ground and entered the room where they observed a filmy shadow move across the room.,  The same ghost that scared me I'm thinking, and I'm sure that ghost had a good laugh at Northern Frights, which to me at that moment was indeed frightening ;)