Why am I writing about mermaids in my ghost hunter's blog?  Because we at SIM want to explore all parts of the supernatural.   I have always been interested in everything paranormal, be it Mermaids, Sasquatch, Nessie, Werewolves, Vampires - all appeal to me in a big way.  Why?  Because they are out of the norm, aren't they?  We really can't prove that any of them truly exist, but maybe there really is an Edward Cullen out there, or a Jacob Black; Sasquatch most assuredly exists and Nessie?  She probably does too.  The quest to discover and try and understand how these supernatural beings could truly be in our world has taken on a furor.  So Mermaids?  Yes.  Read on, you will be amazed!

Mermaids. We’ve all grown up with stories of mermaids living in the sea. When I was a child my grandmother used to tell me a bedtime story about a mermaid who lived under the sea, in a house made of shells. Oh, she had beautiful golden long hair and she used to brush and brush that hair until it looked like liquid gold. When my daughter was little, the best mermaid story was Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” with Ariel the red headed mermaid. Ariel fell in love with a human prince and left her aquatic home and family for a human life with him.

The fact is that mariners and sea-faring people all around the world have told stories of mermaids since time began. These half human creatures who live in the sea, are they real? I believe that there is a little bit of truth behind all stories, and mermaids? No exception. I LOVE the sea, and the animals that make the oceans their home. I spend oodles of time out in the Pacific Northwest with Orcas, dolphins, seals, all kinds of sea mammals, and though I have never seen a mammal that looks like a mermaid, I don’t doubt they exist.

I have read that at the time the US Navy blasted the oceans with sonar (in 1997 and 2004) killing hundreds of whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals, their lifeless bodies were found on beaches. It is said that the bodies of aquatic humanoids washed ashore along with the marine mammals. The stories say that the Feds got there first and quickly hid their bodies. True? I have no idea, but we all know that the Feds are good at covering things up and that they hold vaults of secrets that the public will never be privy too. I mean, just look at Area 51? Oh and what about Roswell? OK, so I’m not saying conspiracy theories are true, I guess we will never know for sure, but Mermaids or Aquatic Humanoid?  could definitely exist, and I believe that they do.

Our family watched the Animal Planet’s fake documentary “Mermaids: The body found” and though it is fictitious, it is based on some eye-opening scientific facts about how this could be. Oh, and I find it very interesting that NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), made a press release stating that they have never found any evidence of aquatic humanoids shortly after this program first aired.  Some compelling scientific facts:

The “Bloop”.   A sound from an underwater array of hydrophones that originated in a remote area of the South Pacific that is from some kind of being that is not identifiable. Some say it’s from an aquatic humanoid. Some say it is from a huge creature in the deep, we probably will never know, but it is quite thought provoking.  Listen to this "bloop"  here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBN56wL35IQ&noredirect=1

Ancient Cave Drawings show cavemen battling mermaids; crude, but definite drawings of people throwing spears at creatures that are half people, the bottom half? A fluke.

Our own anatomy; think the webbing in between our fingers for example; could this be leftover from aquatic living? We all evolved from the sea, perhaps some of the human line stayed in that aquatic environment, while we evolved on land?  Humans are able to hold our breath longer than any other land animal.   Newborns instinctively hold their breath underwater, why?  Subcutaneous fathumans have a layer of this, just like marine mammals.

The oceans are largely unexplored; in fact in the past decade two new species of whales have been discovered. Do you know that humans have explored the moon more than our own seas? Yep. It is possible that these mermaids have learned to hide over the centuries, and have avoided discovery.

Several places around the world people are assisted by dolphins in catching fish. Where did the dolphins learn this behavior? From mermaids? The theory is that mermaids hunt with dolphins, sharing the bounty. To me? This speak volumes. 

Do I have your attention yet? Jerry and I hosted FATE radio last Wednesday night, the subject of our show?  Mermaids. To me it is absolutely fascinating.

Much like Bigfoot, Mermaids are the stuff of legend, and are Supernatural. Although the SIM Crew will be embarking on a Sasquatch expedition later this year, I am pretty sure that searching for mermaids is not something the SIM Crew can ever do – it’s way out of our league - but It’s a fascinating subject, isn’t it?