Under Attack

Uncomfortable and frightened is how I felt this past Saturday.  A dark supernatural presence enveloped me at Walcott Mills, and I couldn’t get away fast enough.....

In the area by the cross; I am unsure what that fogginess is in the lower left hand corner, it does not appear on the other photos taken within a few seconds.  It could be caused by the cold weather, or could it be something else?

We held our last Paranormal 101 class of the season in Faribault last Saturday.  Cold and snowy, we had some pretty tough cookies in the class, and after the classroom instruction we all drove out to what once was the Walcott Mills and Grand View Farm Colonies south of town. 

In the early half of the 20th century the Faribault State Hospital built the farm colonies so that they could instruct some of the higher functioning patients in art of agriculture, so that they could potentially be a working part of society.   What went on there?  Bad things, dark things; although we are unable to find any true records, we have some pretty good ideas.  These types of institutions were not nice places; patients were abused and neglected and I have to assume that the same experiences were the norm at these farm colonies.   From area residents, we have heard of patients being chained to the walls for control, along with incredibly sad stories involving dead babies.  Patient abuse was rampant in the hospital and female patients were raped by the staff and other patients alike.  Many of their babies died and were just thrown into the ground in unmarked graves.  Tales of murder have also come to our ears, indications that babies were born alive only to be killed.  Of course I hope these are false, and it's true we will never know for certain.  But?  Just the thought is awful beyond belief. 
There are two different places that we investigate; the land with two still standing buildings, and the land with a cross and headstone, which is just up the road.    This whole area exudes such a feeling of sadness and hopelessness; darkness and despair. Even the vegetation is twisted and deformed.  The cross and headstone were constructed by a local Lutheran Church to mark the graves of the babies.  For me personally, the vacant land where the babies are buried is perhaps one of the most haunted places I have been.  When getting out of the car I can immediately feel souls all around me, and it is at times almost overwhelming.  This is the place where I encountered a full apparition of “the man in blue”.  Dark hair, blue shirt, he was clearly visible and standing not far from me near the treeline.  Others have seen this ghost as well and we wonder if he is still there looking after the babies?  It is what I  like to think.

On Saturday, our first stop was the land with the buildings, and we were investigating the big building on the first property.  While Jerry and Katie are always able to somehow communicate with spirits there, I have not had as many experiences there.  All of us were in one room, and the K2 meters were lighting up, in fact there were many times that all lights were lit up.  Whomever was chatting with us was giving answers, but what was interesting to me was that I didn’t feel them.  As a sensitive, I am always aware of ghosts when they are near and so why not this time? 

Then suddenly it happened.   I felt the cold shiver of a presence just behind me, and I could sense that it was moving close.  I turned and looked but though I could not see anything, it was there.  I didn’t say anything, but soon this entity was at my back and I asked "who is here behind me".   Of course I had everyone's attention, and everyone looked, no one saw anything, but I could feel it and it was definitely not a nice presence.  In fact, I felt the need to flee, and I began to walk out of the room, uttering to everyone that I had to get out of there.   It came with me and I knew that I was definitely under attack; it was dark and evil, I believe it wanted to hurt me.  It was the same kind of feeling that you might feel walking down a dark street, knowing there is someone walking behind you, lurking, maybe trying to hurt you.

My heart was beating fast, and all I could think about was getting outside and grounding myself.  I felt almost sick to my stomach, and the moment I was outside I walked quickly to a big tree there, took off my mitten and placed my bare hand on the tree for much needed help.  Slowly the fear resided, and I breathed deeply, grounding myself, protecting myself against any further intrusion.  My heart began to slow down, and I breathed deeply concentrating on getting myself back to normal.  The entity had left me at the door, and I didn’t want to go back in.
I took these two photos while outside simultaneously.
Jerry soon came out and asked if I was okay, he was clearly worried.  Not one to be scared of the paranormal, it was worrisome for my team that I had fled and was so clearly upset.  A couple years ago in the same building Jerry had come under attack.  You can watch the video on our home page at www.siminnesota.com.  After that attack we all learned to GET OUT when something like this happens.

 Is that diaphanous vertical line something supernatural trying to materialize?
After we chatted for a bit, he suggested we all go into another room.  I unwillingly went back into the building, hey, we were teaching, it wasn’t good for one of the investigators to be afraid.  The moment I got into a room, Kelli – one of our investigators – asked me I was okay?  My skin was crawling, and I knew I had to get out of there once again.  I did, and the investigation progressed for a while longer, no one else feeling what I had.
What was it?  I have no idea but I do know it was very DARK, and I believe it wanted to hurt me.  I also believe whatever creatures are in that building seems to choose one person to harass, it would seem to prefer a person with abilities as Jerry also is a sensitive, so that they know what’s happening.  I was scared, and that happens rarely with me.  What I am very thankful for is that I was fortunate to have taken an Intuitive class last spring, and knew how to quickly ground and protect myself to prevent further damage.   Heidi?  You are an awesome teacher, and I thank you for this knowledge.

Will I ever go back in that building?  I am unsure at this time.  It is experiences like this that make me wonder why I even chase ghosts.  It is dangerous; but at the same time?  It’s amazing when we can prove that there are spirits.  This is what keeps me going, not that dark stuff, the dark supernatural creatures that were never human, and in this case I believe they are what keeps here.  It is a very sad and desperate place, and judging from the EVP's we have collected there over the years the spirits who there are tied to this place against their will.  We are hoping to at some point bring in an army of folks with abilities to try and move these spirits over to the other side and give them much needed peace.  That would be an amazing feat.
For those of you out there who have been to this place, either with us (three classes this fall) or on your own, please don’t venture out there alone, I would suggest you stay far away from it.  In closing, we will be going through our recorders over the coming days, and any evidence we have captured we will of course share.