Looking back at 2011...a ghost hunter's stories

It's difficult to believe 2011 has come and gone, it was an awesome year for me as a ghost hunter, and I enjoyed some unimaginable experiences.  The SIM Crew investigated a lot of properties in 2011, we had a few road trips, and well, let me say that what we do?  It is well, CRAZY.  I've always been aware of ghosts around me, but now?  After doing this thing called ghost hunting for a couple years  I have become super sensitive to the supernatural.  This much greater sensitivity is a lot to take in, so much so that at times I feel not really scared by all of spirits near us, but I do feel like they are pressing in. 

Looking back over the year I know why I have been exhausted, in the last few months of 2011 we were insanely busy with investigations, data analysis, and reveals.  As SIM grows by leaps and bounds, our founding members (including me) are busier and busier.  Here we are at the beginning of January, and our calendar is FULL for this first month of the new year.  FULL.  To the brim.  We have investigations, reveals, and clearings on the schedule, but I thought before immersing myself in this new year, a look back at my supernatural experiences in 2011 is something that I thought would be fun, so here we go.

In April the SIM Crew was asked to be a part of an event called "Northern Frights" at a resort in the Brainerd lakes area.  Our crew was to lead two ghost hunts for people who wanted to experience a paranormal investigation.  A part of this resort is very old and haunted, and I truly mean HAUNTED.  The resort put us up in a large cabin in the old section of the resort, and well, there was definately someone from the other side there.  We experienced dresser drawers opening by themselves, shadow figures, and I was awakened several times by phantom footsteps in the night. 

The ghost hunts centered around several rooms and a very long hallway that was they claimed, haunted.  It was.  During one of the investigations, as I walked down that hallway alone in the dark to bring a room key to my husband who was leading a different group, I had the feeling that something/someone was looking at me.  I turned to my left towards one of the closed and locked room doors and I saw to see the apparition of a ghost , it was reaching towards me.  Eye opening to say the least, I did scream (not a good thing for a ghost hunter) but hey, I was both surprised and well, yes, a little scared.  Instead of facing this ghost head on what did I do?  I quickly turned and kept walking, faster now, knowing that this ghost was following me all the way down the hall.  I could feel him and I knew he wasn't a "nice" ghost.  The hairs on my neck were standing up and I had to get away from him. 

I am painfully aware that this is not how I am supposed to act.  In fact, I know that I will be forever ribbed by my fellow teammates for saying “I’m a ghost hunter and I got scared”.  Ok, so it wasn’t quite the thing to say over the walkie especially in light of the fact that we were leading this ghost hunt.  Whatever.  Sometimes it just happens ;)   Was I scared?  Maybe.  But more so I think I was unnerved by the event, I certainly didn’t expect to be chased by a ghost, that is my job, you know?  I am usually the unflappable investigator, and so I can imagine that the ghost that got one over on me?  Well, I’m pretty sure he certainly got a good chuckle.

While on a road trip for two investigations in International Falls, MN on Memorial day weekend, we came across information from reliable sources that Bigfoot had been spotted in the area; Yep, Sasquach had been seen by several people more than once – in MINNESOTA.  Crazy business I know, but of course I asked the person where he had this experience.   Since we are “supernatural” investigators, we took a trip out to the place where this mythical creature was seen. We didn’t see Bigfoot, but we did not investigate, we only had a few hours in the middle of the day, probably not the time when they roam around. I am definitely excited about this claim and others I have heard since, and we do plan on going back at some point this year, to do a Bigfoot investigation. Broadening our scope a little is a GOOD THING ;)

In August we were called to a home where I was sure that the paranormal activity happening was evil. Pure evil. I said I wouldn’t go, hey it’s not what I signed up for. However, I am not one to be left behind, and so when the crew gathered to do the investigation? Well, I went along too. It was in this home that I was felt up by a ghost. Not something I would want to happen again. We had split the team into two groups, and as my group was investigating near the end of our time there, I felt the cold unseen touch of an otherworldly being. It began at my ankle and proceeded up my leg stopping at my butt. OK WEIRDNESS. ICK. Then, it left me and proceeded to our other investigator, Ally, and felt her shoulder down her chest. I called it a dirty ghost YUK. While we investigated another part of the house I again felt the touch on my ankle, but it stopped mid-calf. Why? I have no idea, but I was HAPPY to get out of that house.

In October we returned to a very large remote private property in northern Minnesota, a place that has a lot of paranormal activity. I had a few personal experiences, but when sifting through audio and video, I heard a lot of low growling, and it wasn’t any of us. One of the evp’s also had a chilling kind of scream. At the reveal this audio was played for the owners. They told us it was a cougar on those tapes. A cougar. Prowling the property while we were investigating – how fun is that? Wish I would’ve known, I would have LOVED to see him or her face to face. I know….I’m crazy ;)  We will return to this area again next fall and this time? We are going to do a proverbial 12-hour LOCK DOWN, Ghost Adventure-style; it will be amazing I’m positive ;)  Below is the few second video shot there of me doing a classic Aaron (from Ghost Adventures) "Dude" hahaha!
Just for fun in November the SIM Crew joined forces with another group in the Minneapolis area, TCGASP, and invited a few of our supporters to come along to Walcott Mills for an investigation. Only two standing buildings left, the Mills burned down in the late 1800’s. During a preliminary trip there in September with two members of TCGASP, we caught some evp’s (hey, we always have equipment along ;) After investigating the property we decided to head up the road a little and investigate the site of the old Faribault hospital which housed and cared for handicapped folks. Well, I know this place was a horrific, and from what we’ve read, the conditions were deplorable. But this location? Haunted. We observed several shadow figures moving among the trees, and feeling like someone was next to me I looked to my left to I saw a guy wearing a blue shirt; he was standing about 5 feet away. He was just one of many ghosts we saw that on that spot, but that one was so vivid and close. Several of our non-investigator friends saw these ghosts as well, and were astounded by this experience. We will return to this place I have no doubt, and of course, we will bring everyone along once again. Hey, the more the merrier don’t you think?

Not all of my experiences happen during investigations.  The most memorable took place on a chilly evening in October. As I was driving into our driveway, suddenly a figure loomed in front of the car. I slammed on the brakes, only to get out and find absolutely NOTHING there. Now there was indeed a person in front of the car, I saw it, and I know without a doubt it was a ghost/spirit.  It was during the thinning of the veil, and I did experience a lot of shadow figures moving around at night, but this one was the most prevalent.

In the coming weeks, whenever I have a few moments to spare, I will be writing posts about each of our investigations, and I will also include some evidence, right here at seeking ghosts, the stories!  Check back soon for more tales from this paranormal investigator.