Happy New Year!

The final hours of 2012 are upon us, and so the time has come to look back at this year's most memorable supernatural investigations I have been a part of. There have been many, and exciting as they have been they have also been at times, well, just a little harrowing. Yep, I have been scared this year on a few occasions. This? Isn’t the norm for me mainly because I have been experiencing ghosts all my life. But I believe that as I travel on this paranormal journey with my crewmates, we become even more sensitive to otherworldly beings, and not just those of us who have enjoyed this ability all our lives, but our other crewmates crew who have not; the ghosts in turn flock to us because they realize we are aware of their presence.

We began 2012 with an investigation at Stanley’s Bar, a place well known to us and one that we have deemed haunted. We held an event there in March to reveal our findings. The event was well attended, and the evidence we captured at this location is first class. Our very first investigation was in this building when it was vacant, before it became Stanley’s. The photo below is of the ghost from that very first investigation. Also below is the video of our flashlight being moved by unseen beings.

One of the saddest stories I have ever heard as a ghost hunter, is the story of a little dog who went missing on a hobby farm, just south of the Cities. This little dog froze to death in an empty in ground pool on the property, the owner felt that something paranormal was involved in the dog’s death, as the family had experienced several supernatural events and they were scared. After investigating the property, I believe that it is haunted - though we captured no evidence that night. The pool area seemed especially dark to me, many, many claw marks were clearly visible from the little dog fighting for her life, trying to get out of the pool. I was drawn to it and I do feel that something unseen had a part of the death of the little dog. A little push by a malevolent spirit? Unknown. Our investigation was inconclusive, but I know that that place? Haunted.

In September the Crew went on the road to northern Minnesota for a large investigation of an enormous historical property. This was our third investigation of this place, and we were not disappointed. Once again the evidence captured is first class. There is one place on this property that I am continually drawn to; a place that is, well, a little dark. This year we captured some evp’s there that are bone chilling. A female voice saying “don’t hurt me” as well as other evidence that will be available on our website in the near future.

In October we once again hit the road and traveled the Minnesota/Canada Borderland in search of Bigfoot. Expanding our horizon to include other paranormal phenomena, this? Was very exciting for me. We first heard stories in the spring of 2011 while on investigations in International Falls. We thought by going in early October it would be cool, but clear. Mother Nature had other ideas, and it was down right cold, windy, snowy and at times sleet fell from the sky. Nonetheless, the expedition was a success just the same. We found some foot prints that we believe are not human; Sasquatch? Maybe. We had to end our expedition early due to the inclement weather. We have planned another Sasquatch expedition for the summer of 2013, and my fingers are crossed that this time we will find more evidence, and maybe even catch a glimpse of this elusive creature.

My focus for the coming year I think will be Sasquatch, in addition to ghost hunting of course. Intriguing and exciting, this is what I am interested in investigating. I will be contacting other groups here in Minnesota dedicated to Bigfoot research in the hopes of learning about these amazing bipedal. In addition, at the Bigfoot town hall event we held in International Falls the weekend of our Bigfoot expedition, we heard stories about UFO’s as well. The experiences of the people who chatted with me were, well astounding. These folks are well educated, average people, and after spending time with them and listening to their accounts, I believe they did experience something unexplainable and out of the ordinary, without a doubt.
So 2012 for this paranormal investigator? Exciting and Amazing.

2013? Will be interesting and exciting, I have no doubt.


Bigfoot...in the Northwoods

Two weeks week ago, I along with the rest of the SIM Crew journeyed to the far reaches of northern Minnesota to go on a Bigfoot expedition. In Minnesota? Yes, a year ago last spring we came across compelling evidence suggesting that Sasquatch was alive and well in MINNESOTA. Who'd have thought? In my world Bigfoot hung out in the Pacific Northwest. But we had eyewitness accounts, from a solid source that this creature did indeed inhabit parts of extreme northern Minnesota.

In May of 2011 we were in International Falls, Minnesota for two investigations, a fabulous coffee shop and a private residence there. While chatting with a friend who lives in the area, he told us about his experiences with Bigfoot. In the Nrthwoods. The glimmer of a Bigfoot expedition began to tickle my brain. Excited? Oh ya, and so, me being me, I questioned and questioned our source until he told us everything he possibly could and we all were left with an inkling to search for Bigfoot. I have always followed the stories about Sasquatch, and so this information was very exciting.

The SIM Crew is busy, and we all have day jobs, and so we sort of pushed Bigfoot to the back of our minds, until this past spring. Two of my crewmates, Mae and George often go to International Falls, this is Mae’s hometown; when they were up there over Memorial Day they and our eyewitness, went out into the woods and put up a trail cam, and heard, unknown animal noises. They told us it sounded like the sounds that the Bigfoot hunters on TV say Bigfoot makes. Well, after this? We all knew we had to go in search of Sasquatch, and thus we planned our expedition for the first weekend of October.

We felt we would be early enough to miss snow and cold, but Mother Nature? Laughed. On the drive up to the border the snow fell at a good clip and the winds howled. In the midst of that crazy weather though, we were privileged to spot numerous Bald Eagles on the drive up, BEAUTIFUL, and astounding; I had never seen so many of these majestic, gorgeous birds of prey in Minnesota. It seemed like they were watching over us as they were there, in many spots all the way to the Border.

The weather was bad, but we weren't to be deterred and once there we made trek into the great forest to find Bigfoot. Our guide on our adventure was our eyewitness, who was excited to show us where he had seen Sasquatch on numerous occassions. He took us to the locations where he had seen the creature, and we spent time at each place. The Northwoods are beautiful, and it was easy to spend time out in the wild, even in the inclement weather.

Our first location was in the thick woods. There was a path to begin, but just a few feet into the trees it ended and we had to bungle our way through the thick vegetation. The trek was difficult, not only were branches reaching out to keep us back, the terrain was uneven as well, all making our first foray into the search for Bigfoot quite tricky. We didn’t see or hear anything for our time here so we moved to the second location.

In the second location it was easier to maneuver, and we hiked along, our ears listening intently for any abnormal sound, our eyes searching the trees for movement. We finally came upon the Rainey River, which separates the US from Canada. We stopped there and looked across the water at Ontario. Though a separate country, it sure didn’t look any different than our own. After a time we trekked back to our vehicles and proceeded on to the third and final destination.  
I guess you might say we saved the best for last, as it was in this place we found huge footprints, from Sasquatch? We have no idea, and we tried shooting photos, see the one below, but the light was not optimal and what we saw so clearly with out eyes, is difficult to see in the photo.

 The strides were large and followed along side a creek, now dry from our unusually dry summer. The site was beautiful; a clearing made by the creek, which headed south. In place of water, the creek bed was overgrown with beautiful long grasses that swayed back and forth in the wind. We followed the prints as far as we could, but as with our first location, this terrain was uneven and difficult to traverse. We were losing light, and the weather had turned once again, and sleet began to fall. For safety reasons, we decided to complete our expedition and head back the 30 or so miles back to International Falls.

Though I knew we had to go, I didn’t want to leave this place. I stared out into the long grasses of the twisting and meandering creek and wondered if Bigfoot was there. Was he watching us? Or maybe he had passed this way hours before or even days before. I wanted to follow that creek, but it was not in the cards for this trip. Jerry was calling me and so with one last look at that beautiful place I turned back with a sigh, wishing that I could just have another hour or so. I wanted to look Bigfoot in the eyes. I wanted to see one, I knew they were near, I could feel it. We were so close, but yet so far.

We planned a community meeting I titled “the Bigfoot Conversation” in International Falls for the next day at the very same coffee shop we had investigated before. We were live on the radio during this event, and as we had hoped, many locals came to the coffee shop and told us their experiences with Sasquatch. The stories came from folks who were normal, and well educated. These weren’t people who would tell tales, or fanatics. These were honest, hard working people. And their stories? AMAZING. I chatted with a man for quite some time who told me stories of not only Bigfoot, but of UFO’s as well, but that? Is for another blog.

Is Sasquatch real? In my mind he is as real as you and I, and I want to meet him or her. I want to look into their eyes and what? I don’t know, maybe give them a hug? Oh that’s such a Stephie thing to do, but really, I want to see them. Our eyewitness told us he saw what appeared to be a family of them; so we know that they hang out in groups sometimes. I think this journey has whetted the SIM Crew’s appetite; there will definitely be another Bigfoot Expedition in the Borderland wilderness, and hopefully we will experience a SASQUATCH.
Jerry and I, searching for Bigfoot.



It is that time of year. Yep, the veil between our world and the world of the dead is thinning and has been doing so since the Autumnal equinox; what is so special about this? Spirits can more easily make themselves known. And they do.

If you are sensitive to the supernatural, like me, this time of year is especially thrilling, oh and perhaps a little scary. In my back yard I have been seeing shadows frequently moving around for several weeks now; the most recent? Late last night. As I locked up our deck door before closing it, out of the corner of my eye there was movement. When I looked fully to my left I saw a shadow move quickly across our deck that wasn’t from me or anyone in our home. I felt the “chillies” that I sense when something supernatural is near. Being an investigator, I searched for something “normal” that could have made that shadow. There were no birds flying overhead and no animals on my deck, nothing out of the “normal” realm that could have made a shadow. I believe it was a shadow figure, something/someone from the other side of the veil was visiting, and it scurried across our deck with great speed. Though I experience otherworldly presences a lot, I was spooked with this one. Why? Because, it was on MY DECK, close to the door.

We have some crazy things happening in our yard, in fact Odin, our gargoyle in the back garden, was tossed over and his wing broken just last weekend. Could it have been squirrels or other animals that knocked him down? Maybe. But Odin is a little too hefty for a squirrel or chipmunk to knock over, and we have had other figures moved as well.

I will certainly be on alert for more activity in my own back yard, but honest? I hope there is none….it’s just too close for comfort.



Why am I writing about mermaids in my ghost hunter's blog?  Because we at SIM want to explore all parts of the supernatural.   I have always been interested in everything paranormal, be it Mermaids, Sasquatch, Nessie, Werewolves, Vampires - all appeal to me in a big way.  Why?  Because they are out of the norm, aren't they?  We really can't prove that any of them truly exist, but maybe there really is an Edward Cullen out there, or a Jacob Black; Sasquatch most assuredly exists and Nessie?  She probably does too.  The quest to discover and try and understand how these supernatural beings could truly be in our world has taken on a furor.  So Mermaids?  Yes.  Read on, you will be amazed!

Mermaids. We’ve all grown up with stories of mermaids living in the sea. When I was a child my grandmother used to tell me a bedtime story about a mermaid who lived under the sea, in a house made of shells. Oh, she had beautiful golden long hair and she used to brush and brush that hair until it looked like liquid gold. When my daughter was little, the best mermaid story was Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” with Ariel the red headed mermaid. Ariel fell in love with a human prince and left her aquatic home and family for a human life with him.

The fact is that mariners and sea-faring people all around the world have told stories of mermaids since time began. These half human creatures who live in the sea, are they real? I believe that there is a little bit of truth behind all stories, and mermaids? No exception. I LOVE the sea, and the animals that make the oceans their home. I spend oodles of time out in the Pacific Northwest with Orcas, dolphins, seals, all kinds of sea mammals, and though I have never seen a mammal that looks like a mermaid, I don’t doubt they exist.

I have read that at the time the US Navy blasted the oceans with sonar (in 1997 and 2004) killing hundreds of whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals, their lifeless bodies were found on beaches. It is said that the bodies of aquatic humanoids washed ashore along with the marine mammals. The stories say that the Feds got there first and quickly hid their bodies. True? I have no idea, but we all know that the Feds are good at covering things up and that they hold vaults of secrets that the public will never be privy too. I mean, just look at Area 51? Oh and what about Roswell? OK, so I’m not saying conspiracy theories are true, I guess we will never know for sure, but Mermaids or Aquatic Humanoid?  could definitely exist, and I believe that they do.

Our family watched the Animal Planet’s fake documentary “Mermaids: The body found” and though it is fictitious, it is based on some eye-opening scientific facts about how this could be. Oh, and I find it very interesting that NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), made a press release stating that they have never found any evidence of aquatic humanoids shortly after this program first aired.  Some compelling scientific facts:

The “Bloop”.   A sound from an underwater array of hydrophones that originated in a remote area of the South Pacific that is from some kind of being that is not identifiable. Some say it’s from an aquatic humanoid. Some say it is from a huge creature in the deep, we probably will never know, but it is quite thought provoking.  Listen to this "bloop"  here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBN56wL35IQ&noredirect=1

Ancient Cave Drawings show cavemen battling mermaids; crude, but definite drawings of people throwing spears at creatures that are half people, the bottom half? A fluke.

Our own anatomy; think the webbing in between our fingers for example; could this be leftover from aquatic living? We all evolved from the sea, perhaps some of the human line stayed in that aquatic environment, while we evolved on land?  Humans are able to hold our breath longer than any other land animal.   Newborns instinctively hold their breath underwater, why?  Subcutaneous fathumans have a layer of this, just like marine mammals.

The oceans are largely unexplored; in fact in the past decade two new species of whales have been discovered. Do you know that humans have explored the moon more than our own seas? Yep. It is possible that these mermaids have learned to hide over the centuries, and have avoided discovery.

Several places around the world people are assisted by dolphins in catching fish. Where did the dolphins learn this behavior? From mermaids? The theory is that mermaids hunt with dolphins, sharing the bounty. To me? This speak volumes. 

Do I have your attention yet? Jerry and I hosted FATE radio last Wednesday night, the subject of our show?  Mermaids. To me it is absolutely fascinating.

Much like Bigfoot, Mermaids are the stuff of legend, and are Supernatural. Although the SIM Crew will be embarking on a Sasquatch expedition later this year, I am pretty sure that searching for mermaids is not something the SIM Crew can ever do – it’s way out of our league - but It’s a fascinating subject, isn’t it?


Two years....

You know, time flies! A week ago today, we celebrated SIM’s two-year anniversary. Looking back over the last two years, at all the investigations we have been on, all the work we have done, all the amazing roadtrips and adventures - it is wondrous. We have experienced crazy happenings, laughed a lot (ok I giggle a lot...), but most of all? We LOVE what we do, and our team? We enjoy being together and the beauty of it is that we all work well together. All of us. I feel quite honored to have all members of this awesome group as teammates and friends. I thought it might be fun to write about some of the most memorable experiences I’ve had on this wild ride the last two years, so here we go!

Stasius was our first and still remains one of the most amazing investigations we have done. We did two investigations, two weeks apart in March of 2010 at the old vacant Stasius.

I knew the ghost lady I had felt and seen at Stasius when Jerry worked there was there, I could feel her. I started shooting photos, and was lucky enough to shoot a photograph of the her.xIn addition to that eerie photo, we also captured one crazy EVP directed at Jerry, a Class A EVP.

The foot bridge at Nicollet Island is another place that abounds with the supernatural. Jerry and Kacie both visibly saw the ghost peeking at us over the end of the bridge, and we caught this on film as well. Look to the left at the end of the bridge to see the ghost peeking at us;  In the second photo?
The ghost had dissapeared. Totally amazing.

In the Fall of our first year we investigated a very large rural property in northern Minnesota. The property was located way back in the woods and featured a road no longer used that is called “Murder Road”. It was a fascinating investigation, and the ghosts were there. It has become our favorite place to investigate, and we returned in the fall of 2011 to another awesome investigation.  That first time though, it was a weekend like no other. There were five of us on that trip, Jerry, Mae, George, Katie and me. We rented a cabin online that turned out to be a good example of where not to stay. It was a total nightmare and when it came time for bed? We turned back the covers and discovered mouse poison, acorns, and of course turds. Oh, and one of the beds was broken. ICK. We weren’t going to stay there so at midnight we had Kacie (who had graciously offered to stay at home and care for our animals) on the phone, searching online for a different place for us to stay. Unfortunately for us, it was also a big hockey weekend in Bemidji, and we could find only ONE room available for all of us. Yep, all five of us stuffed into one room at the Super 8 Motel in Bemidji. CRAZY? Oh ya, it made for a weekend none of us will ever forget ;)

The next time the SIM Crew hit the road was a year ago, in April of 2011. We had been asked to lead ghost hunts for a public event at a beautiful resort north of Brainerd (sorry, the name of the resort is confidential now that they have our evidence that it is haunted, they don’t want the word out there). That weekend was one of the outrageous weekends we have had. The big cabin they put us in was, well, haunted, just like the buildings where we lead the ghost hunts.

My experiences were, well, quite shocking to say the least,  oh and a little frightening. The second night of investigations, Jerry’s group was headed to a room that I had the key for. I started down a long, dark haunted hallway key in hand, and low and behold I felt something begging me to look to my left. I did, and there it was. An apparition looking at me, it seemed like it was coming out of the room door. I believe it was trying to scare me, and I hate to say it, but it was quite successful. I jumped the moment I saw it, and then turned and quickly walked away – not acceptable behavior for a ghost hunter I know. As I hurried down the hallway I called Jerry on the Walkie, well everyone who had a walkie heard the conversation, the excitement in my voice, the terror, and the phrase I ultimately said at the end. This ghost chased me down the hallway, though I could no longer see it, I felt him every step of the way. I encountered one of the participants in the event at the end of the hallway who saw how rattled I was. This is when I muttered the infamous phrase, “I’m a ghost hunter and I got scared” LOL. Yep, I was scared. Not something that usually happens to me, but this time? Well, to be honest I was TERRIFIED. The ghosts weren’t done with me yet, late that night while I was alone in the cabin, I opened the bathroom door to a shadow figure. There right in front of me. I watched it while it disappeared, and by this time? I was quite out of the mood for ghosts, and I said “obviously you are not finished with me, but I am finished with you” and walked out into the living room, and switched on the TV. I would LOVE to go back there, but the ownership has declined further investigations or events. Sigh.

Last fall we held a ghost hunting event along with another paranormal group, TCGASP. We invited some of our most ardent followers along and made the hour-long trek to Faribault. The area we investigated was actually the former Faribault State Hospital grounds, and the farming area where they taught their patients agricultural skills. After we investigated the farming area, we went down the road to the site of the old hospital. We had astonishing experiences here. As Jerry, Gina and I were watching shadow figures move in the trees, I felt something on my left so I looked to find a man standing there with a blue shirt on. It was a ghost, and he was as clear as Jerry was standing on my other side. It’s not often that we see full apparitions, and when we do it is quite the experience. Of course the apparition was visible only for mere seconds, but Jerry saw him too. Others in our group, including Mae and Kacie, went for a walk around the woods, and all who were on that hike felt like they were caught up in some kind of vortex. They couldn’t find their way back to us and couldn’t hear us at all, though we could see and hear them clearly.

Out of the numerous investigations we have been on, this handful of experiences are the most exciting. Seeing a ghost face to face? Well, many ghost hunters investigate for years without actually seeing one. Am I lucky? Maybe, or it could be because of my heightened sensitivity to otherworldly beings. I hope to have many more.

We have many adventures planned for this year, in addition to ghosts we are expanding in a new and very different direction; we will be searching for Sasquatch. Yep, you read that right....Bigfoot.  It has come to our attention from quite reliable sources that Sasquatch has been seen in the remote forests and woodlands of northern Minnesota in the borderlands.  Why Sasquatch?  Well, we are after all, Supernatural Investigators and Bigfoot is, well, in the supernatural realm. The journey continues.....


Alban Eiler

The days are becoming longer, nights shorter; soon the time of light and dark will be equal.  Known in the Celtic world as Alban Eiler, today we know it as the Vernal Equinox.  It is said that during this time, the veil between the worlds of the living and dead begins to thin; it is now easier for spirits and ghosts to make themselves known to us.  It is believed that the veil is at it's thinnest the beginning of May; the Celts celebrated this time of year in a festival known as Beltane.

As a paranormal investigator, I have experienced great paranormal activity during this time of year.  The SIM Crew’s first foray into the world of ghost hunting happened in Mid-March, and then we reinvestigated that same building at the end of March; both dates were close to the Spring Equinox and we experience a lot of activity and captured loads of evidence. Last year we did an event at Cragun’s in Northern Minnesota the beginning of April, and yes, we not only captured a lot of evidence, I was chased down the hall by a ghost that I had visibly seen.

Coincidence? I think not. SIM has a vault of evidence that we have obtained all year round, but the Fall and Spring have seen the most activity. This year? In addition to investigations that are scheduled, I will be on the lookout for paranormal activity at every turn, watching for shadow figures and wondering if the chill is from the cold or a spirit passing through. I challenge you to do the same. Take note of shadows that seem to move about; pay attention to those shivers, and do let me know if you experience any otherworldly happenings. You might be surprised at what you find when you just take a peek.


Looking back at 2011...a ghost hunter's stories

It's difficult to believe 2011 has come and gone, it was an awesome year for me as a ghost hunter, and I enjoyed some unimaginable experiences.  The SIM Crew investigated a lot of properties in 2011, we had a few road trips, and well, let me say that what we do?  It is well, CRAZY.  I've always been aware of ghosts around me, but now?  After doing this thing called ghost hunting for a couple years  I have become super sensitive to the supernatural.  This much greater sensitivity is a lot to take in, so much so that at times I feel not really scared by all of spirits near us, but I do feel like they are pressing in. 

Looking back over the year I know why I have been exhausted, in the last few months of 2011 we were insanely busy with investigations, data analysis, and reveals.  As SIM grows by leaps and bounds, our founding members (including me) are busier and busier.  Here we are at the beginning of January, and our calendar is FULL for this first month of the new year.  FULL.  To the brim.  We have investigations, reveals, and clearings on the schedule, but I thought before immersing myself in this new year, a look back at my supernatural experiences in 2011 is something that I thought would be fun, so here we go.

In April the SIM Crew was asked to be a part of an event called "Northern Frights" at a resort in the Brainerd lakes area.  Our crew was to lead two ghost hunts for people who wanted to experience a paranormal investigation.  A part of this resort is very old and haunted, and I truly mean HAUNTED.  The resort put us up in a large cabin in the old section of the resort, and well, there was definately someone from the other side there.  We experienced dresser drawers opening by themselves, shadow figures, and I was awakened several times by phantom footsteps in the night. 

The ghost hunts centered around several rooms and a very long hallway that was they claimed, haunted.  It was.  During one of the investigations, as I walked down that hallway alone in the dark to bring a room key to my husband who was leading a different group, I had the feeling that something/someone was looking at me.  I turned to my left towards one of the closed and locked room doors and I saw to see the apparition of a ghost , it was reaching towards me.  Eye opening to say the least, I did scream (not a good thing for a ghost hunter) but hey, I was both surprised and well, yes, a little scared.  Instead of facing this ghost head on what did I do?  I quickly turned and kept walking, faster now, knowing that this ghost was following me all the way down the hall.  I could feel him and I knew he wasn't a "nice" ghost.  The hairs on my neck were standing up and I had to get away from him. 

I am painfully aware that this is not how I am supposed to act.  In fact, I know that I will be forever ribbed by my fellow teammates for saying “I’m a ghost hunter and I got scared”.  Ok, so it wasn’t quite the thing to say over the walkie especially in light of the fact that we were leading this ghost hunt.  Whatever.  Sometimes it just happens ;)   Was I scared?  Maybe.  But more so I think I was unnerved by the event, I certainly didn’t expect to be chased by a ghost, that is my job, you know?  I am usually the unflappable investigator, and so I can imagine that the ghost that got one over on me?  Well, I’m pretty sure he certainly got a good chuckle.

While on a road trip for two investigations in International Falls, MN on Memorial day weekend, we came across information from reliable sources that Bigfoot had been spotted in the area; Yep, Sasquach had been seen by several people more than once – in MINNESOTA.  Crazy business I know, but of course I asked the person where he had this experience.   Since we are “supernatural” investigators, we took a trip out to the place where this mythical creature was seen. We didn’t see Bigfoot, but we did not investigate, we only had a few hours in the middle of the day, probably not the time when they roam around. I am definitely excited about this claim and others I have heard since, and we do plan on going back at some point this year, to do a Bigfoot investigation. Broadening our scope a little is a GOOD THING ;)

In August we were called to a home where I was sure that the paranormal activity happening was evil. Pure evil. I said I wouldn’t go, hey it’s not what I signed up for. However, I am not one to be left behind, and so when the crew gathered to do the investigation? Well, I went along too. It was in this home that I was felt up by a ghost. Not something I would want to happen again. We had split the team into two groups, and as my group was investigating near the end of our time there, I felt the cold unseen touch of an otherworldly being. It began at my ankle and proceeded up my leg stopping at my butt. OK WEIRDNESS. ICK. Then, it left me and proceeded to our other investigator, Ally, and felt her shoulder down her chest. I called it a dirty ghost YUK. While we investigated another part of the house I again felt the touch on my ankle, but it stopped mid-calf. Why? I have no idea, but I was HAPPY to get out of that house.

In October we returned to a very large remote private property in northern Minnesota, a place that has a lot of paranormal activity. I had a few personal experiences, but when sifting through audio and video, I heard a lot of low growling, and it wasn’t any of us. One of the evp’s also had a chilling kind of scream. At the reveal this audio was played for the owners. They told us it was a cougar on those tapes. A cougar. Prowling the property while we were investigating – how fun is that? Wish I would’ve known, I would have LOVED to see him or her face to face. I know….I’m crazy ;)  We will return to this area again next fall and this time? We are going to do a proverbial 12-hour LOCK DOWN, Ghost Adventure-style; it will be amazing I’m positive ;)  Below is the few second video shot there of me doing a classic Aaron (from Ghost Adventures) "Dude" hahaha!
Just for fun in November the SIM Crew joined forces with another group in the Minneapolis area, TCGASP, and invited a few of our supporters to come along to Walcott Mills for an investigation. Only two standing buildings left, the Mills burned down in the late 1800’s. During a preliminary trip there in September with two members of TCGASP, we caught some evp’s (hey, we always have equipment along ;) After investigating the property we decided to head up the road a little and investigate the site of the old Faribault hospital which housed and cared for handicapped folks. Well, I know this place was a horrific, and from what we’ve read, the conditions were deplorable. But this location? Haunted. We observed several shadow figures moving among the trees, and feeling like someone was next to me I looked to my left to I saw a guy wearing a blue shirt; he was standing about 5 feet away. He was just one of many ghosts we saw that on that spot, but that one was so vivid and close. Several of our non-investigator friends saw these ghosts as well, and were astounded by this experience. We will return to this place I have no doubt, and of course, we will bring everyone along once again. Hey, the more the merrier don’t you think?

Not all of my experiences happen during investigations.  The most memorable took place on a chilly evening in October. As I was driving into our driveway, suddenly a figure loomed in front of the car. I slammed on the brakes, only to get out and find absolutely NOTHING there. Now there was indeed a person in front of the car, I saw it, and I know without a doubt it was a ghost/spirit.  It was during the thinning of the veil, and I did experience a lot of shadow figures moving around at night, but this one was the most prevalent.

In the coming weeks, whenever I have a few moments to spare, I will be writing posts about each of our investigations, and I will also include some evidence, right here at seeking ghosts, the stories!  Check back soon for more tales from this paranormal investigator.