The SIM Crew on the Road in Northern Minnesota

A full moon on a chilly night in Northern Minnesota

A week ago, the SIM crew went on the road to beautiful northern Minnesota.  It had been years since I had been in Bemidji, the place I went to college and also the place I met my hubby.  Bemidji has changed - a lot, it isn't the same old place I remember that's for sure.  Some places are the same, but as you drive into town on the south side I barely recognized the place of my wild college days.

We drove on to Blackduck, about 30 miles to the north and checked into a cabin on Blackduck Lake.  Now, the photos on the website for the resort looked fabulous.  However, on the sidewalk leading to the office were three sunfish/crappies all laying in a net, dying as we saw them.  One of the kids came and grabbed them, I thought to end their misery so I held my tongue.  But, can you say animal cruelty?  They were laying there helpless, their gills moving up and down, dying a slow and tortuous death.  I believe it was a harbinger of what was to come.

When the owner showed us the cabin, we noticed a ton of flies in the front windows.  The woman laughed and said they were waking up with the warmth and didn't bother to take care of them.  Now, I am not fussy, but ick.  Jerry got the vacuum out and vacuumed them all up, while Katie and I put away all the food and equipment had brought with.  I eyed the bedroom wondering if there were little critters there, as I spied a couple mouse turds.  Ah well, it was a cabin and it is Fall, right? 

We didn't spend much time there as we had an appointment to meet with a Native American paranormal group.  The Native American Paranormal Society had six members in attendance to meet with us.  We got along fabulously well, and exchanged ghost stories and showed pictures and well, had a very fun meeting with them.  I can see our teams working together in the future as they have much to offer to us, especially so when working on cases on Native american lands, they speak fluent Ojibwa, and would understand any voices speaking this language, as we wouldn't.

That night, when we were about to turn in for the night, I pulled back the covers and viola!  Mouse/Rat poison was in the bed!  Unacceptable to say the least.   Mae and George in the other bedroom  pulled  back their covers to find, yes, more of the same, along with an acorn and mouse turds!  Needless to say, there was no way I was sleeping in that cabin, so I called the office.  Of course they were sleeping and to my surprise they didn't even offer to come on over and have a look. 

We packed up all our equipment, clothing, and food and headed to Bemidji.  Now what's so funny about this is that there was a big Hockey Tournament in town, and there was only one room to be had - at the Super 8.  So the FIVE of us crammed into this little room with two double beds, a cot, and all our equipment and luggage  There was no place to walk, but you know it was oddly funny.  We laughed and laughed about this predicament.  And so there it is.  The team all together in one little room.  Too funny.

The hotel staff were wonderful, and loved loved loved the idea that we were paranormal investigators.  They made us feel a bit like celebrities, and you know most of them had a supernatural experience to tell us about.  It was fabulous, even if it it was like a big pj party and you had to wait to use the biffy ;)

All day Saturday we talked and talked to the people of Bemidji about the supernatural, and almost everyone we spoke to had a story to tell.  As we shopped in an antique store, Jerry, Mae and I all felt something in the back part of the store by the books.  We asked the owner if she had ever experienced anything paranormal.  She told us she hadn't but an employee had.  Luck was with us and we found this employee and chatted with him a bit.  He told us that he had seen and felt a presence in the same place we did.  Interesting, is it not? 

We visited with so many Bemidjians who had paranormal stories to tell, that I believe we will definitely be going back there for some more investigations in the future.  But what was so fantastic was that people were EAGER to share their ghostly encounters with us and all of them took our cards and were impressed.  Now that, my friends is, an awesome feeling. 

Our investigation on Saturday night was back in the big woods.  A chilly 30 degree evening, a full moon, and a clear sky made a perfect setting for a late October ghost hunt.

The SIM Crew had some personal experiences, and encountered lots of activity during the investigation.  There were several times when I felt spirits throughout the 110+ acre property.  The dense tingly electric feeling that I get when there are ghosts near I felt many times during the night.  Several pictures I shot show orbs on every part of the property.  It is felt that true orbs are indicative of paranormal presences.   

Look to the right of the Birch Tree - an true orb.  Orbs made up of moisture and are not paranormal are located on the left hand side of this photo.  The difference is clear.
Stories told to us about the property included the story of a man murdered along the property edge,  and so we put one of our night vision cameras there for the length of our investigation.  Talk of electricians who were working there and upon taking their leave said they would never return.  The workers indicated that there was something in there, they didn't know what but they wouldn't set foot on the property again.  Well, we did feel and hear something in that spot.  Hopefully we will have evidence to back it up. 

Personally, I feel the that there is paranormal presence there, as I felt and heard something in several spots throughout the property.  Jerry saw a dark shadow move through a building at one point, and a balloon we had placed on a table, moved without the help of any breeze or human or animal help.
It was a long investigation, and we have hours and hours of video and voice to go through before we come to a conclusion.  The results to come, but I would like to thank Nancy and Anne for being such wonderful hosts who fed us homemade yummy frosted ginger cookies!  YUM!

Stay tuned my friends for the conclusion of our northern road trip.



A little girl's voice.....

The SIM crew investigated a home in Brooklyn Center, expecting to find Mr. Hollowell, as our client and also the owner of the house calls the ghost.  Our client, Nancee, is very interesting and told us loads of stories of the supernatural experiences she has had.  She was very entertaining, and excited for us to experience the presences in her home.  She grew up in the house next door, and her father lives there still.  She bought the house in the late 1990's

We had some personal experiences during the investigation.  My hubby Jerry had an unseen presence pull at the leg of his jeans, and a little later, touch his hand; I felt something pass through me at the same time the dowsing rod I was holding made a full circle; and after we left, our client told us that a balloon that we had been using during the investigation in the basement suddenly popped, with a very loud noise. 

While we were reviewing the EVP's, we found several disembodied voices.  What surprised us the most though, is that several times we heard the voice of a little girl.  This little girl said things like "Can you help me?"  "I'm so cold."  and others.  As a mom, my heart was wrenched right out of my chest when I heard this little voice asking for help.  What happened to this little girl?  We have no way of knowing.  Nancee, our client, knows the complete history of the home, and told us no children had died in the home, however, there is lake just steps away where children have drowned.  She said when she was little, there were one or two drownings there every year.  Could our little girl be one of those?  Did she drown in the lake and that is why she is telling us that she is cold, and asking for our help?  Heart wrenching to be sure, and she did answer one or two of our questions also.   They were general questions, but it is always phenomenal to get a reply. 
Orb in motion on shoulder of client.
We also hear in a couple of the EVP's what sounds like a man, and lots of whispering.  Nothing appeared on our night vision cameras, nor our video camera.  Still photography did catch a few pictures with an orb in them  It appears to be the same orb, and in one of the photos it is next to our client and appears to be in motion.

Nancee has invited us back for a follow up investigation sometime in November.  It will be interesting to ask questions of this little girl, and see if she answers. 

If you would like to see the complete case notes on this investigation, head to our web page at http://www.siminnesota.com/ and click on the recent investigations tab, then "nancee's house"