New Teammates and Other Things.....

December and January were quiet months for our ghost hunting group.  Mostly self-imposed because well, December is hectic with Christmas and New Years, and January is the month of rest after that hectic schedule in December.  For me the entire month of January and the beginning of February was pretty much spent in a fog.  I was sick the whole month of January with a nasty virus that made me cough incessantly, and pretty much sapped my energy, and that left me feeling, well, quite under the weather.

The SIM Crew did however add two additional people to our team.  Why?  Well, after much consideration among us, it was decided that we needed additional members mainly because our investigations really require "more bodies".  We just did not have the number to do a sufficient job on the larger properties.  It's exciting but at the same time quite stressful adding new people to the mix.  Our original six members are very close and we have a unique relationship.  My main question as we entered this new era, was simply could we do this without losing the special and unique bond we share?  I hope so, I really do.  Time will tell, but I'm hopeful that we will be better and stronger :)

That said, we chose a couple of very competent and fabulous people out of the many that came to meet us on a very cold January evening at a local restaurant.  Both are very personable and friendly.  Annette, comes to us with the sensitivity of a physchic.  Several of us are sensitive to the presence of spirits, and now with Annette on board we have that additional boost of sensitivity during investigations.  Our other new teammate Jaffe comes to us with a healthy skepticism, and along with George he will keep the rest of us "highly excitable" members in check.  He has great interest in the supernatural and he is a wonderful addition to the SIM Crew. 

In February, we had two investigations with the "newbies".  Jerry and Mae each teamed up with a newbie on last Friday's investigation for training, and it's good to say Annette and Jaffe both did a phenomenal job.  The property we investigated is quite large, rich in history, and boasts a lot of paranormal stories.

The crew will gather soon to go over all the evidence from both investigations and prepare for the reveals.  Stories to come soon, here!  What I can say is that the first investigation in February we revisited a home we investigated last Fall and we were not disappointed.  We caught some amazing evidence, so stay tuned my friends, I will be blogging about both --- soon ;)   Until then, stay warm!