Two years....

You know, time flies! A week ago today, we celebrated SIM’s two-year anniversary. Looking back over the last two years, at all the investigations we have been on, all the work we have done, all the amazing roadtrips and adventures - it is wondrous. We have experienced crazy happenings, laughed a lot (ok I giggle a lot...), but most of all? We LOVE what we do, and our team? We enjoy being together and the beauty of it is that we all work well together. All of us. I feel quite honored to have all members of this awesome group as teammates and friends. I thought it might be fun to write about some of the most memorable experiences I’ve had on this wild ride the last two years, so here we go!

Stasius was our first and still remains one of the most amazing investigations we have done. We did two investigations, two weeks apart in March of 2010 at the old vacant Stasius.

I knew the ghost lady I had felt and seen at Stasius when Jerry worked there was there, I could feel her. I started shooting photos, and was lucky enough to shoot a photograph of the her.xIn addition to that eerie photo, we also captured one crazy EVP directed at Jerry, a Class A EVP.

The foot bridge at Nicollet Island is another place that abounds with the supernatural. Jerry and Kacie both visibly saw the ghost peeking at us over the end of the bridge, and we caught this on film as well. Look to the left at the end of the bridge to see the ghost peeking at us;  In the second photo?
The ghost had dissapeared. Totally amazing.

In the Fall of our first year we investigated a very large rural property in northern Minnesota. The property was located way back in the woods and featured a road no longer used that is called “Murder Road”. It was a fascinating investigation, and the ghosts were there. It has become our favorite place to investigate, and we returned in the fall of 2011 to another awesome investigation.  That first time though, it was a weekend like no other. There were five of us on that trip, Jerry, Mae, George, Katie and me. We rented a cabin online that turned out to be a good example of where not to stay. It was a total nightmare and when it came time for bed? We turned back the covers and discovered mouse poison, acorns, and of course turds. Oh, and one of the beds was broken. ICK. We weren’t going to stay there so at midnight we had Kacie (who had graciously offered to stay at home and care for our animals) on the phone, searching online for a different place for us to stay. Unfortunately for us, it was also a big hockey weekend in Bemidji, and we could find only ONE room available for all of us. Yep, all five of us stuffed into one room at the Super 8 Motel in Bemidji. CRAZY? Oh ya, it made for a weekend none of us will ever forget ;)

The next time the SIM Crew hit the road was a year ago, in April of 2011. We had been asked to lead ghost hunts for a public event at a beautiful resort north of Brainerd (sorry, the name of the resort is confidential now that they have our evidence that it is haunted, they don’t want the word out there). That weekend was one of the outrageous weekends we have had. The big cabin they put us in was, well, haunted, just like the buildings where we lead the ghost hunts.

My experiences were, well, quite shocking to say the least,  oh and a little frightening. The second night of investigations, Jerry’s group was headed to a room that I had the key for. I started down a long, dark haunted hallway key in hand, and low and behold I felt something begging me to look to my left. I did, and there it was. An apparition looking at me, it seemed like it was coming out of the room door. I believe it was trying to scare me, and I hate to say it, but it was quite successful. I jumped the moment I saw it, and then turned and quickly walked away – not acceptable behavior for a ghost hunter I know. As I hurried down the hallway I called Jerry on the Walkie, well everyone who had a walkie heard the conversation, the excitement in my voice, the terror, and the phrase I ultimately said at the end. This ghost chased me down the hallway, though I could no longer see it, I felt him every step of the way. I encountered one of the participants in the event at the end of the hallway who saw how rattled I was. This is when I muttered the infamous phrase, “I’m a ghost hunter and I got scared” LOL. Yep, I was scared. Not something that usually happens to me, but this time? Well, to be honest I was TERRIFIED. The ghosts weren’t done with me yet, late that night while I was alone in the cabin, I opened the bathroom door to a shadow figure. There right in front of me. I watched it while it disappeared, and by this time? I was quite out of the mood for ghosts, and I said “obviously you are not finished with me, but I am finished with you” and walked out into the living room, and switched on the TV. I would LOVE to go back there, but the ownership has declined further investigations or events. Sigh.

Last fall we held a ghost hunting event along with another paranormal group, TCGASP. We invited some of our most ardent followers along and made the hour-long trek to Faribault. The area we investigated was actually the former Faribault State Hospital grounds, and the farming area where they taught their patients agricultural skills. After we investigated the farming area, we went down the road to the site of the old hospital. We had astonishing experiences here. As Jerry, Gina and I were watching shadow figures move in the trees, I felt something on my left so I looked to find a man standing there with a blue shirt on. It was a ghost, and he was as clear as Jerry was standing on my other side. It’s not often that we see full apparitions, and when we do it is quite the experience. Of course the apparition was visible only for mere seconds, but Jerry saw him too. Others in our group, including Mae and Kacie, went for a walk around the woods, and all who were on that hike felt like they were caught up in some kind of vortex. They couldn’t find their way back to us and couldn’t hear us at all, though we could see and hear them clearly.

Out of the numerous investigations we have been on, this handful of experiences are the most exciting. Seeing a ghost face to face? Well, many ghost hunters investigate for years without actually seeing one. Am I lucky? Maybe, or it could be because of my heightened sensitivity to otherworldly beings. I hope to have many more.

We have many adventures planned for this year, in addition to ghosts we are expanding in a new and very different direction; we will be searching for Sasquatch. Yep, you read that right....Bigfoot.  It has come to our attention from quite reliable sources that Sasquatch has been seen in the remote forests and woodlands of northern Minnesota in the borderlands.  Why Sasquatch?  Well, we are after all, Supernatural Investigators and Bigfoot is, well, in the supernatural realm. The journey continues.....