In Between.....

Old Man Winter is being forced out of town as the days are becoming longer and warmer as our sun journeys back to us here in the northern hemisphere.  The Moon was full this week, called the Snow Moon, it was beautiful and it pulled at me.  There is lots going on in the physical world and it affects me, tremendously.  Sleep is difficult; crankiness is at a peak; along with a general feeling of malaise not to mention moodiness. 

It’s not really winter, but not quite spring, somewhere in between, and like that?  I FEEL somewhere in between.  Emotions are running high; I have been seeing otherworldly visitors in many places.  Other Sensitives / Intuitives / Empaths have been feeling it as well,  and as we move toward the equinox in just a few weeks, I expect it will only heighten.  The Spring Equinox is a powerful and magical time.  It is one of two times of the year where the light of day equals the darkness of night; but, it will only be equal for a fraction of time until the light overtakes the darkness as the sun progresses into the northern skies. 

Now is a good time for me to regain balance; time to breathe deeply and enjoy the sun on my face, revel in the warming breezes, and take lots of walks with my pups. 
This is also the right time to give thanks to God for the return of the sun, and bringing me and mine through another winter. 


A different kind of team.....

I have often written about my fascination with Bigfoot in this blog.  As a paranormal investigator, our team has searched for the elusive creature in the forests of the Canadian borderland.  Twice.  We found some pretty compelling evidence suggesting that Sasquatch?  Is Real.

Now, this amazing supernatural journey has lead me down the path seeking Bigfoot.    

Introducing.......SheSquatchers, an all-female team searching for Bigfoot; the only group of its kind in the world.  Loren Coleman, the world's renowned expert on Bigfoot and Cryptozoology, indicated to Jen and Jerry in an interview for their radio show The Calling, that he believed it would be a WOMAN not a man who would make contact with Bigfoot.  He also mentioned there was no all female group out there and thus?  We knew that we just had to create one!  SheSquatch is the name Loren coined for female Bigfoot; thus, as human females looking for Sasquatch we are SheSquatchers!  We introduced our group last week on my radio show The Gathering, and you can take a listen to that very fun show by clicking on the link below.

I formed our new team with a couple of my friends also in the paranormal field, Jen Kruse and Kim Juarez. Our team members include paranormal investigators, psychics and healers.  Those of us who are paranormal investigators are very good at investigating the supernatural, where we seek indisputable evidence.  This is what I will be looking for in our search for Sasquatch.  Our team is dedicated to finding Bigfoot and/or concrete evidence proving the big guy is genuine and a part of our world.  Our natural world?  Or does Sasquatch exist in another dimension and slips in and out of ours?  Is this the reason why there is no hard evidence of him?  We have lots of questions, and we hope to find answers and also some clues that will help us determine just what Bigfoot is.  And of course I want to look a Squatch in the eye.  Hopefully, this gaggle of girls will be just the thing to entice them to come take a look and say hi.

We are beyond excited to begin this journey into Squatching, and I will be reporting our adventures right here in my blog.  We have ALOT to learn, but we'll get there, and we will have plenty of help along the way.

Stay tuned for more on this exciting new adventure :)

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