The SIM Crew turns 3!

This week Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota Turns 3! The SIM Crew began with our very first paranormal investigation at the vacant Stasius bar in northeast Minneapolis. In the past Jerry and Mae worked at Stasius for a lengthy amount of time and knew that several ghosts called the big building home. On that very first investigation, we came up with unbelievable evidence; the photo of the female ghost we had all seen over the years at Stasius, and some incredible EVPs.

 In the three years we've been a group, we  have done an amzaing number of paranormal investigations; we have amassed much evidence of ghosts in the form of evp’s, photos, and video, and we have experienced many unbelievable events.

In 2012 the SIM Crew branched out into other areas of the supernatural. We organized and traveled to far northern Minnesota where we went on a Bigfoot Expedition near the border of the US and Canada. We held a “Bigfoot Conversation” townhall event in International Falls, and on our expedition we did find some ginormous footprints that we believe came from Sasquatch. The prints lead down to the creek and beyond, but we could not follow them as the weather turned foul and we had to abandon our search. Another expedition is planned for this year, and we all have our fingers crossed that this time? We will come across Bigfoot, face to face ;)


What’s ahead? The SIM Crew will be holding several town hall events in locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, where we hope people with stories to tell us will and tell us about their experiences with ghosts, bigfoot, UFO’s, and whatever other supernatural subjects that may come up. In October Bigfoot townhall, several people regaled us with quite amazing stories, not just about Bigfoot but about their encounters with UFO’s. Our own Jerry grew up in Bemidji and had his own UFO experience, and that makes us wonder, what is it about northern Minnesota that attracts the supernatural? We HOPE to find out :)