Mid-September, a chilly evening spent with friends around the fire, and visions of quick moving shadow figures.   The Autumnal Equinox takes place in the early hours of Friday, September 23 - just days away.  This annual movement of our sun moving along it's yearly journey to the far side of the equator marks the coming of long nights and cool days; the death of plants, flowers, grass and all things green and growing.  The Fall equinox is a time of balance; equal amounts of light and dark before the dark becomes more than the light; it is also the time when the veil that separates the world of the living and the world of the dead begans to thin, and spirits from the other side begin to penetrate the thin shield.

Last night, after an exhausting day selling junque to raise funds for SIM, we relaxed with our friends, the majority of them a part of the SIM Crew.  The evening was chilly in more ways than temperature as I kept seeing dark shadows moving to and fro.  Though I could never get a good look at them, I know without question they were ghosts.  Several times throughout the evening one would catch my eye, but of course the moment I looked at it fully, it would vanish.  Later, at home, I asked my husband Jerry if he had noticed anything out of the ordinary there.  He said yes, ghosts.  He felt he had seen a full profile of a ghostly shadow. 

Since we have become ghost hunters, our sensitivity to to the supernatural has increased exponentially.  Of course these otherworldly beings have always been there, right along side of us, but now that we have become pararnormal investigators we take notice when they slither by.  Honestly, I'm a little spooked out sometimes when I take note of all the beings crowded around us.

Ah well, it will indeed be a long season, and the SIM Crew has plenty of investigations throughout this bewitching time to practice this sensitivity on.  To all my fellow ghost hunters out there, HAPPY HUNTING, it will be an awesome season.