The Owls and me.....

Owls are a part of the Supernatural world, without a doubt.  I love owls, and most of all?  I LOVE the pair of beautiful Great Horned Owls who live nearby my home.  I enjoy an amazing connection these two owls who share their world with me, and have for many years.  I believe it is the crazy supernatural ability that we share that has bound us together somehow, and time and time again over the years?  They have shown me things, protected me, given me gifts of their own feathers, and yes they give me a boost when I need one.  Like tonight.

Mamma Owl, all knowing, when I see her I talk to her.  Endlessly :)

Papa Owl.   The protector.  He watches.   I talk to him too.

I have had a very trying week so far, all areas of my life seem in disarray. Things that have happened that have made me question myself, and in addition I do think there’s something happening in the supernatural world as well that is affecting me.  Today was especially trying at work, and honestly?  I broke right down and cried.  Right in front of my supervisor.  Yep, that crybaby was me, tears flowing.  Embarrassing, is what I will say.

Anyway, this evening I took my pups for their evening walk, and suddenly I heard the my friends, these special owls.   I have not heard them for some time, they tend to be quiet when the nesting season is upon us, and the moment I heard them?  I stopped in my tracks and listened to their wonderful and beautiful voices, and suddenly I felt comforted, grounded, and peaceful for the first time this week. Though they are a ways away (Mamma has babies in the nest and Dad keeps close to her) they knew I was close, and I think they were telling me that all would be well.  It was only a few minutes literally, and then they were quiet once again.  They told me what I needed to hear and were finished.  They did their job well. 

Mamma and one of her babies last spring.  Look at the love on that babes' face.  AMAZING.
I am grateful to these owls, they have the wisdom of the ages, and the encouragement and comfort I get from them?  Is priceless.  Thanks Mamma and Papa Owl for watching over me, I love you to my toes, and I do hope that someday I can return all that you give to me.


A lake creature called Pepie.

Mysterious.  Chilling.  Exciting.  All of those words describe the unknown.  I have been interested in Supernatural subjects for as long as I remember.  Growing up we heard about Nessie, the lake creature of Lock Ness.   And then last summer, I heard about a lake creature right here in Minnesota.  In fact, one who resides in the area where I often travel to and photograph the magnificent bald eagles who congregate there on the river in the wintertime. 

Listening to the radio one morning on the way to work, I heard something about Minnesota lake creatures.  They mentioned that the most famous and had most sightings was one in Lake Pepin on the Mississippi River.  I  read as much a I could and then and my daughter Kacie and I drove down to Lake City one summer day to learn about this creature.  We stopped at the gift shop in town and the owner happily regaled us with stories of Pepie. 

We bought Pepie t-shirts and the book about her written by some paranormal researchers out of Wisconsin.  We then went to Big Bear Pizzeria, where we had a delicious lunch and gazed up the photograph the wall of Pepie.  This photo was taken by the owner of the restaurant.  In fact?  It is a Pepie Spotting Station - if you see her?  You have to report in. 

Reading about Pepie with my sweet Zoey!
Needless to say, I read that book cover to cover within a couple days, and of course Pepie has become almost an obsession for me.  We returned to the giftstore in September to purchase a stuffed Pepie for our booth at Paracon where I talked to Loren Coleman at Paracon about Pepie.  Loren is one of the world’s leading crypto zoologists, and we talked about many of the worlds lake creatures.

Do I think there is more than one creature in Lake Pepin?  Well, I would assume so unless Pepie is immortal.  Could she be?  Well?  Gee, I guess I could ask also could Pepie be an inter-dimensional creature?  Could it be that she slips in and out of our dimension?  And who knows but does it make sense that she has an easier time slipping into our world when the veil between the worlds is thin?  This is when she able to come through more than at any other time.  This is why I just have to be on a boat on Lake Pepin searching for her come October when the veil is really thin.  I just know?  I want to SEE her.  It’s the dreamer in me of course….but I will search for her, you can count on that.  

Next Saturday, on 3/12 we will be in Lake City at that same Pizzeria hosting a supernatural chat.  PEPIE will be a big topic of conversation I just know, and I will learn all I can.  Come to Lake City next weekend and join us; we will be talking about  all the supernatural subjects that we investigate; Ghosts, Bigfoot, UFO’s, and Pepie.  And if you are in Lake City and you have seen Pepie?  Please come and tell us you story!

Pepie adorning our booth at Paracon!