The Search for Sasquatch.....

Searching for the big guy is one of my favorite things to do, and I have been out multiple times in the past few months with our team SquatchHERS searching for Bigfoot.  By the way?  Did I mention?  It is STILL winter in Minnesota, and it has been not only cold, but the snow has been deep.  This has not prevented us from trekking through the woods in search of Bigfoot, in fact?  I think it has become a challenge for us that we have all happily accepted, and has heightened our resolve to find this elusive being.

We have traveled to and searched an area in the Chippewa National Forest several times this winter in below zero temps and snow up to our knees.   We have also recently searched and have been quite impressed with a wild DNR area closer to home north of  the Twin Cities Metro area.  We've been there twice, and look forward to another search there soon.  What I will say is that my teammates have grit; below zero temps and snow have not deterred us, and I believe?  It only makes us BETTER.

 In the Chippewa forest we discovered what we believe are Bigfoot prints in the snow.  A path of them that stretched for quite a distance.  We showed the photos to a local area resident who has discovered Bigfoot prints himself and he confirmed what we thought.  Bigfoot made those prints.  We found them in an area we had experienced much activity in the past, and it was an exciting find.


In the area closer to home we have discovered many stick structures.  The first of which we feel is most likely a man-made hunters blind; the others we found much further into the woods off the beaten track, and I think?  No person would have made them, it just doesn't fit.  The majority of them and would not be noticeable to anyone but someone looking for signs of Bigfoot. Bigfoot is known to build stick structures that some believe are location guides.  These structures are hidden in plain sight ....big ones, little ones.  None would offer shelter, nor be able to hide one from anything.  In fact, in the summertime when the grass and weeds are tall, one would never see them unless?  You know where they are.  They are in an arrangement that we think form some kind of quadrant - to what end?  Perhaps the area within the boundary is a special place?

At any rate, our searches over the winter months have yielded some pretty phenomenal evidence.  Is this evidence of Bigfoot or something else?  We can only wonder.....our next search is happening quite soon, and will include plotting out the quadrant of structures to create some kind of map and try to understand the distance and scope of the area within.
What I do want to say is that my teammates are awesome; dedicated and determined to find Sasquatch, we all work well together and we have an amazing team of women :)