Spirits all around us.......

When I started this foray into ghost hunting, I really didn't know what to expect.  I mean yes, I am a "sensitive" and have always been able to sense a ghostly presence.  In addition, I have been an avid watcher of Ghost Hunters since they hit the airwaves.  I knew places were haunted, heck I had seen several ghosts during my life.  But, never did I really think that they were all around us all the time!

On most investigations we have been on we have found some sort of supernatural presence.  Of course actually seeing a ghost in front of you whether it be a dark shadow or an actual apparition is pretty rare, and snapping a photo of one is even rarer; but the EVP's we have acquired are phenomenal.  Listening to ghostly voices certainly make me believe that yes, Stephie, ghostly presences are in way more places than I would have ever imagined before becoming a paranormal investigator.

The SIM crew has been extraordinarily busy the past few months with investigations, reviews, and reveals.  We have had some pretty amazing experiences.  All of us on the team have had personal experiences, but the voices we have captured on EVP's are astounding.  Some of them have actually answered our questions, some are just making statements, and some we believe are repititious, what we call a residual haunting.

The ancient Celtics believed that the dead are in our world, living here with us but beyond the veil, in another dimension of some sort.  As I journey through paranormal investigations I am coming to the conclusion that the Celtics really did know what they were talking about. 

I believe that people with a great faith in God enter the paradise that Jesus promised us when they pass on.  So who are the spirits we are talking to?  Well, I believe that they are lost souls, who either didn't have God in their lives, or they are tethered to our world for some reason beyond our comprehension. 

It's interesting stuff, isn't it?