An abandoned hospital.....

Tuberculosis Sanatoriums are said to be the most haunted places, think Waverly Hills, and I can only imagine the suffering that occurred in these hospitals.  From the early 1900's to the time when antibiotics came into play in the late 1930s/early 1940s, TB ran rampant in America.  Called simply, "the white plague", it took thousands of lives.  To battle this deadly disease, large and small, public and private sanatoriums were built throughout the country to isolate and care for TB patients.  It was essential to remove those affected with the deadly disease from their homes, families and society, the virus is highly contagious.  Medical treatment of the day was rest and fresh air, and in some instances, surgical procedures that included collapsing of lungs.  Can you imagine?  Horrific to be sure.  The Sanatoriums were built with huge windows optimal for fresh air circulation, and many had large porches for patients to sleep and live in.

This past weekend we did a walk-thru of an old TB hospital that has been abandoned for years. We carefully walked the entire building, taking in the vibe of the crumbling structure.  Over the years it has been vandalized and many of the large windows are broken; there are sinks that have been pulled from the walls and smashed onto the floor, and graffiti. As I walked the hallways and rooms, I thought about the patients who were treated here.  The lucky ones who survived and left this place, and the terminal patients who died there. Sad. Unlike a general hospital, many people that came to Sanatoriums were already dying, and for them, this was the last stop in this lifetime.

The team searched the building top to bottom so that we could become familiar with the layout and also to determine what locations our stationary cameras should be set up to hopefully capture the supernatural during our investigation, scheduled in the near future.  As a sensitive, I feel that the place is indeed inhabited by lots of spirits; why are they still there?  Why do they stay in a place where they suffered so much?  On our investigation, we will ask these questions, and hopefully?  We will capture the voice of a spirit tell us why. 

At the end of our walk-thru, we discovered that we had left something behind, up on the third floor.  I went alone to retrieve it and when I arrived in that room on the third floor, I suddenly felt pressure on my chest.  It felt like something was squeezing my lungs, and it was difficult to breathe.  I thought, hey, it's the humidity, but the funny thing is that once out of the property?  I was fine, and we were still in the heat and humidity.  Now thinking about it?  I wonder if one of those spirits still in that hospital wanted me to know what it was like; to feel how they felt, not being able to breathe.  Interesting?  I think so, definitely.  It makes me wonder, what will happen in the dead and dark of the night on our investigation when we are trying to communicate with the spirits there?

I guess we will find out ;)




The US/Canadian Borderland area in the far north of Minnesota keeps many secrets, among them, what or who lived there in the distant past. The SIM Crew spent a few days in this remote area searching for Sasquatch a couple weeks ago, and we stopped by an area known as “Grand Mound”. Mysterious, dark, and secretive, this park contains burial mounds. Yep, you read that right; mounds filled with bodies of the area’s indigenous peoples from centuries maybe even millenniums ago. Burial mounds are scattered in in several places on both sides of the border, but this one particular place holds the biggest of them all: The Grand Mound.

We have heard some pretty strange stories about the beings buried in the Grand Mound. Locals have told us that the ancient people buried in the mound were very tall and big people that stood over 7 feet in height. Some people think they are the ancient Squatch. These stories have been handed down from generation to generation, so is there a shard of truth to them? 

The mounds (yes there are others alongside the BIG mound) have been overtaken by trees over the years, and so the mounds are hard to discern; they look hills, take a look at the photos here.  The Grand Mound is HUGE to be sure, and to be honest there it gives me a creepy feeling.  Perhaps the beings buried there are watching us.

Another story that has come to us tells a tale that the people buried in these particular mounds were a cannibalistic people. It is said that when you go into this area now? Mosquitos will suddenly attack in swarms, and that these mosquitos are those cannibals now in another form, still existing on the blood of humans.  Interestingly enough, a couple of years ago we visited this site and were attacked by a swarm mosquitos and left immediately. This time, we went and walked the trail in this public place. Jerry had an ominous feeling about the area and would not traverse the trail.  But me?  I just had to with the others, ignoring his pleas for us not to go. Normally? I listen when he tells me he has an ominous feeling, but I ignored him this time because I so wanted to see what was down the trail.

Beautiful and serene it winds through a soggy area that was once the riverbed of the Bigfork River. The Bigfork changed its course over thousands of years, but the old riverbed is low-lying and prone to standing water. A majority of this land was underwater, and it reminded me of the planet Degobah where Luke goes to learn from Yoda.

Once beyond the standing water the trail was indeed beautiful, the trees and woods awe inspiring. The trail is said to go on for about a mile and winds between a lots of burial mounds. After walking for maybe a quarter mile, I was attacked by mosquitoes. They were all over me and I had to get out. Almost running through the trees, I was panicked – of course thinking of the stories of the cannibals and Jerry’s ominous feeling of dread – and so I was quite happy and relieved to reach the clearing, away from the bugs and OUT of the oppressiveness of the swamp.

The next day we visited the historical museum and visited with the historian there. While he shook his head at the stories we told him, he also admitted that it is unknown what people are buried in the mounds. The Grand Mound is ancient; the bodies at the bottom? could have been buried thousands of years ago.  The more recent peoples to bury their dead in the mounds were the Dakota and then Ojibwa, who came and gave the Dakota the boot. But before that? Truly? They just don’t know, and THAT? Is very mysterious.

I always believe there is a little bit of truth in all stories.  Were these people somehow related to Sasquatch? Were they cannibals? Or, were they just average size non-cannibalistic indigenous peoples, like the Dakota and Ojibwa? We will never know, but it is interesting to think about all the mosquitos we encountered there, and the fact that there have been so many sightings of Sasquatch in the area for many, many years.  I know that this land will never give up its secrets, and so I am left to imagine.

Supernatural? Oh yes, in every way.