Santee, Nebraska is a  land of beautiful scenery, steeped in history and enchanting people.  Last weekend we made the 6+ hour journey to Santee, Nebraska and I was simply surprised.  I imagined we would see flat lands stretching into forever; what we found was a beautiful, rich green, hilly landscape dotted with trees and the Missouri River marshland area, it was indeed stunning.   There is even a bluff they call Maiden's Leap, named for Maiden's Rock in Wisconsin, their tribe having  been forced out of the Wisconsin/Minnesota area, they were relocated to this area and when they saw this bluff?  They thought it looked like Maiden's Rock.

We were invited down by the Santee Sioux community to investigate their museum and headquarters; supernatural activity has long been a part of life there.  The museum/headquarters is built on the land that used to be the site of a boarding school  way back in the late 1800’s, and a few of the children took their lives by hanging themselves on a tree that still stands.   Not to mention the deaths suffered by the Santee Sioux due to small pox; yep those old stories about soldiers giving Native Americans blankets laced with that ugly sickness are true.  This area has seen it all, we were intrigued but we had no idea what we would eventually find when we visited.

I cannot divulge any information at this point as what evidence we may have captured from our investigation  nor our experiences during the investigations, our clients will be the first to know when all data has been reviewed; what I can say is that the area is a hotbed of paranormal activity, and this encompasses much of the Santee area, not just the headquarters and museum. 

The old tree that was the scene of such tragic deaths tells quite the story; I was drawn to that tree immediately, and when I put my hand on its trunk?  I could feel sadness, such sadness I wanted to weep, but also?  That tree is a survivor and it carries much energy.  This magnificent tree has to be 200 years old, it is beautiful.  Throughout the weekend I couldn’t keep my eyes from it.  It is indeed an old spirit with lots to tell.  I borrowed this picture from Jeff - somehow I didn't take one, weird?  Yep.

On Saturday we visited with the community at an event that will be broadcast on The Calling radio show soon.  It was a fun afternoon, and the warmth of this community was inspiring; we felt as if we made a lot of new friends there.  The children were able to converse with the spirits via the flashlight; during the event when they would ask a question it frequently turned on/off in answer to their questions.  You can see this session our Facebook page, as it was also broadcast live via FB.  Oh and I might add?  They loved our SIMMIE, our newest teddy bear investigator.   The dress in the photo to the left?  Simply wonderful, I soooo wanted to try it on; I kept going over there and gazing at it, wondering what kind of maiden wore owned it, what her life was like, etc.  It is a beautiful dress.

We hiked up Crazy Peak Road, an old road the soldiers (bluecoats) would travel on their way to the western forts in the 1800’s.  As I walked that road I could imagine how it must have felt back in the day.  The people of Santee regaled us with stories of soldier ghosts seen frequently on this old trail.  At the top of the trail, we went off the road and through a field of grass up to my waist to take a look at an old homestead.   The old fallen house was built in the 1800s, I’m sure it has a tale to tell.  Unfortunately we did not have a nighttime slot to investigate, we never seem to build enough time into our road trips, but my hope is that we will  revisit this place in the future so that we too can experience this old road and perhaps see the soldier ghosts; I have no doubt they are there.

The weekend was jam packed with not only investigations but a little sightseeing as well; the oldest church in Nebraska is located in Santee, along with another old abandoned one just next door.  Of course I took photographs, the one below is me looking into a mirror with Jerry making a face behind me; the other is the SIM Crew in front of an old abandoned church on the same property.

I would like to extend my thanks to the Santee Sioux for their hospitality, their stories, their warmth, and to Duane, who was a most magnificent host.  He is in the picture below just in back of SIMMIE on the right side.  We had a fantastic time there!

Just as soon as we get the green light, I will update this blog with our findings there so stay tuned!