A captivating case in outstate Minnesota

The beautiful and ancient Oak tree
Every once in a while we have a case that is truly captivating and exciting; this was one of those.  We were called out to a rural farm property in western Minnesota by the property owner.   She mentioned there had been paranormal activity on the farm since her family moved to the farmstead  in the early 1970s.  During the past year this activity had climbed to an all-time high.  Our client frightened; her adult children and their children were also, and would no longer come to visit.

Our client told us stories of ghost children on the side of her home where there were many massive trees.  She told us about a menacing presence in the house as well as one of the barns on the property.  Ghosts in the home that would pull sheets off beds and otherworldly voices that could be heard and tapping at the windows.  Grandchildren who would tell of ghost children in the yard who played with them, and that scary figure in the barn keeping everyone away from the area.

Four members of the SIM Crew investigated the property in March.  What we found?  Was nothing short of amazing.  The activity began shortly after the investigation commenced.  Just outside the back door, we heard phantom knocking on the wooden stairs leading to the upstairs deck.   There was no explanation; all of our investigators and the property owner were accounted for. 

Moving on, we witnessed a large dark mass in an enormous oak tree;  we felt that we were being watched by this dark mass, we believe it was a dark supernatural presence.   This tree is amazing; ancient and wise it has been held hostage by this dark presence, and it was not at ease.  How do I know?  As a intuitive sensitive and empathic, I could feel the tree spirit's unease; so too did Jerry and Will, as we all share these same abilities.

We observed figures dashing across the property, and those ghost children?  Were in attendance.  Will and I heard child like giggling in the trees, and I and played hide and seek with these ghost children, ducking behind trees we could hear them whispering and laughing.  This was an amazing experience, playing with ghosts.
The house, built in the late 1800’s, was complete with a stone foundation and featured capped wells in the basement; home repairs created a breach in the original foundation, and we feel is like a beacon, or a flag if you will for paranormal activity.  I witnessed a dark shadow moving down the staircase as I sat alone in upstairs hallway.   Interestingly, the four of us experienced much activity while there, yet we captured little evidence.   

In April we returned to this paranormaly active place to cleanse/clear/bless this property with the hope of removing the unwanted spirits and hopefully keeping the ghost children at bay to bring peace to our client.

We took a three pronged approach; two methods of clearing/cleansing and two methods of after care.  Jerry, alone, cleansed and cleared the property using the ancient and Native American method of smudging; Will and I cleared/cleansed and blessed the home as well as the farmstead in the Christian way, using prayer, burying reliquaries, and laying a salt line around the property.  Jerry, Will and I also performed healing to that wonderful ancient oak and another oak nearby; we prayed for her while touching her, and sprinkled healing herbs on her roots and trunk.

Mae and George instructed our client on how to take back her home and keep it clean using prayer as one part of the after care;  Jerry advised our client to offer a spirit plate daily made up of a little food from dinner each day. 

There will always be spirits in this location; lots of Native American energy here along with other energies.  We believe the menacing spirit is gone; we also know that the ghost children and other spirits will always be a part of this place, but in our cleansing/blessings, we beseeched them to stay outside the salt line and to be respectful of the living. 

Our client has contacted us multiple times, with the happy news that all is well; her children and grandchildren are now coming back to visit. and the tapping on the windows, feelings of unease, and fear are gone.   They have invited us to come back at any time, and honestly?   I can't wait to touch those magnificent Oak trees again, to determine if all is well.