In late August my team SheSquatchers hit the woods in northern Minnesota for a Bigfoot expedition.  Now, I've been on a few Bigfoot expeditions with Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota, but this was the first with my new all-female team. 

I put together the SheSquatchers team earlier this year after Loren Coleman told us that thought it would be a woman/women that make first contact with Bigfoot.   So, our group of women came together to find Bigfoot; and not only are we women, we are paranormal investigators/intuitives/psychics.  So, in addition to being women?  We also have a few other tools up our sleeves!

In July we met with long-time Bigfoot researchers who make up Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot team.   They filmed in Minnesota, and were in the north woods for a few weeks.  We learned much from our conversations with them, and we are so appreciative of the time they spent with us.

Matt Moneymaker and us!

With Renae Holland
We began our expedition in daylight; we knew of a lake where a Bigfoot sighting occurred just in July, and this was where we searched.   A young man fishing the lake went to return to the shore when he spied a cinnamon colored humanoid walking the shore, that appeared to walk parallel to him.  He was afraid to come to shore, and did not until a friend of his appeared with a flashlight scaring the creature away.  The next day he went back with casting materials and found big footprints, casted them, and one of the casts is hanging on the wall in the local restaurant.

This is a remote and densely treed area, it was a beautiful place.  In Minnesota there are several areas within forested areas where there are wetlands/solid ground/lakes.  This is no different, though it is remote and forest land not private and so that said there is little human activity there.

The tiny two lane road through the remote woods late at night.....
We came to an area with a very small bridge that separated two wetlands, one of which led into the lake.  Beautiful?  Yep, wildflowers, lake grasses, honestly it is gorgeous.  We found prints on the dirt road that were certainly not human; huge with toe prints, but not deep enough to cast, it appeared as though they led to the lake.  I followed the path (grasses that had been disturbed and something had passed over) and it was only about 10 yards until the wetland started and I could go no further. 

Wetlands/lakes are Bigfoot habitat, and so this?  Was the perfect place.  We also found a couple areas that were deep in the trees about 1/4 mile or so from the lake that also held some interesting prints.  We determined that these were the places we would return after dark.

And so there we were, five women, all intuitives and paranormal investigators, in the very dark woods with no one around for miles.  Things happened out there that honestly scared me to my toes, and that rarely happens.  We heard knocks - were they from Bigfoot?  Honestly we don't know, but they are indicative of their presence.  There were a couple times that we had rocks/sticks come down near us, not just thrown, they were lobbed, thrown up and then down.  Pretty sure bears or other forest animals don't do that.  Now it is said that Bigfoot throws rocks to gain attention; well?  They had it.   I did my best Bigfoot call and immediately afterward?  There was a lot of movement in the woods near us, so much so we really thought Bigfoot would step out at any moment.  We felt we surrounded on all sides, the videos below say it all.

I did a Bigfoot call, and there was a stirring in the woods.  Honestly, my heart was beating so hard and fast in my chest I thought I would faint.  I was scared.  Of what you ask?  THE UNKNOWN.  Now, as a paranormal investigator, I am used to chasing ghosts in the dark, it does not scare me.  Why?  Not sure, maybe because I have been chasing them for a long time.  But this?  Totally different.  What was out there?  Was it Bigfoot?  Was it an another animal?  Lots of questions no answers.

We had a thermal camera, which showed absolutely NOTHING in front of us, but there was something moving in the trees, no doubt about it.  Now I personally believe that Bigfoot is not a part of the natural world.  I believe that they are from another dimension or realm, like ghosts.  Could this be why we saw nothing on the thermal camera?  Nothing showed up on our night vision cameras either.

I do believe though, it could have been a Bigfoot.  Why?  Well we did find footprints, the habitat was perfect for a Squatch, it was remote and no other humans were near, and?  The signs were there, knocks, things being thown, all classic signs indicative of Bigfoot.

Exciting and thrilling, and of course scary,we wi ll be doing this again soon you can count on this ;)  

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