Bigfoot - have information?

This past Wednesday evening, my new all female sasquatch group, She Squatchers, hit the radio waves with our very first She Squatchers Report on The Calling Radio Show.  We had guests from British Columbia, who regaled us with stories about their Bigfoot encounters and evidence collection.  It was an interesting, educational and very fun visit.  They have found evidence and have enjoyed experiences both in Minnesota and in the middle of mainland British Columbia - the home of the term Sasquatch. 

We on the SIM Crew went on two Bigfoot Expeditions near the Canadian Borderlands in northern Minnesota.  We found some pretty impressive evidence, and at our Supernatural Chat about Bigfoot in International Falls?  We heard some phenomenal stories from people of all walks of life who have had a Sasquatch experience.  In Bemidji at our most recent chat, we were treated to look at and touch castings of footprints from a resident nearby; he found them on his property.  And of course at Paracon, we always hear stories of the big guy.  The sightings are truly endless.

A very large footprint we found - my feet in my big crocs are at the bottom for size comparison.
Now, with my newly created team dedicated solely to finding Sasquatch, we are planning searches for this year, and we are looking for information on sightings in Minnesota, and nearby states; thus, this blog post.  I am hoping that anyone with information on the locale of Sasquatch will message us via facebook at www.facebook.com/SheSquatchers or send us an email at SheSquatchers@gmail.com.  We will contact everyone who sends us information with further questions, etc., and site visits if possible.

Thank you in advance!